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2017 – A Great Year For The Cloud, And For Cloudjumper Too


If you weren’t sure of the ubiquity, benefits, and popularity of the cloud yet, then the overall industry growth in 2017 should be enough to convince you – the cloud is here to stay.

Happy New Year from the CloudJumper team! We’re excited to kick off another big year for our many clients, and the cloud as a whole.

As explored in this article from Smarter MSP, 2017 was an undeniably successful year for cloud providers and cloud users. Despite the non-stop growth that the cloud has seen since its debut in the business and private consumer worlds, last year is when it really became a standard in the industry.

The cloud is so popular today that it’s hard to remember back when many end-users wouldn’t even consider entrusting their valuable data to some vendor and their fancy new technology. Smash cut to last year:

Of course, that’s not to mention the big year that we had here at CloudJumper. October was our biggest sales month over the course of our 17 years in the cloud industry, and we anticipate even greater success in the year to come.

What the Smarter MSP article leaves out is a key to our success in a massive cloud industry – what really helps us to stand out against the many, many options available to MSPs and their end-users: WaaS.

It’s all about Workspace as a Service (WaaS), a patently superior cloud workspace solution when compared to the industry standard Desktop as a Service (DaaS). WaaS comes with everything that MSPs like you need to develop and maintain a productive, convenient and safe IT environment for your many end users, as well as help them launch a cloud-first focus.

We’re steadily growing our stake in the cloud market by providing what others can’t – a complete solution. DaaS providers will tell you that you’re getting the best cloud workspace solution, but in the end, it’ll just be more work for your business. That’s because DaaS is just an empty shell of a platform; for it to work, it’s up to you to complete it with the features the end users need.

On the other hand, our team is proud to offer Cloud Workspace®, an industry-leading cloud workspace  solution, which comes with a range of key features:

  • Active Directory
  • Anti-virus technology
  • Data backup
  • Total environment management by our expert team of cloud engineers.

That said, we know that our success so far (and the success to come in 2018) isn’t just based on our technology – our people are a factor as well.

The CloudJumper team is made up of pioneers when it comes to cloud workspaces, and the cloud computing industry as a whole – we’ve been working on this — and steadily perfecting it — for as long anyone else in the business. For 17 years now, CloudJumper has been developing our WaaS solution and testing it with the likes of Microsoft, Google, and Intuit. This means that our many partners in cloud technology don’t just benefit from our WaaS solution; they get the industry-leading expertise and experience that comes with it as well.

Even better, this makes us a trusted standard when it comes to providing a cloud workspace solution. When big names like MS, VMWare and NetApp needed to determine how their products would perform in the cloud, they came to us, because we had been around long to enough to offer a realistic and effective proving ground for their latest innovations. This is all just a part of being on the cutting-edge of the cloud, as compared to hopping on the bandwagon years after the fact.

Together, our experience gained in building our solution and working with industry leaders has allowed us to develop the single most robust, stable, best-priced solution available on the market. That’s right, don’t forget about the price – whereas latecomers are often unable to properly judge what the expenses will be for their new cloud service, we’ve been around long enough to determine the perfect price to keep us successful, offer unbeatable margins to our MSP partners, and still deliver an affordable price for end users.

In a nutshell? We’re optimistic about the year ahead. When you’ve been in the cloud for as long as we have, it’s exciting to see more and more of the business world start to take notice and get on board – so what are you waiting for?

For more information about our WaaS solution, our team of cloud experts, and what we can do for your business, get in touch with us right away at or (844) 645-6789. Follow us on social media: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn.

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