CloudJumper Spotlight

CloudJumper is an enthusiastic supporter of the FEDC TechSTART organization

A community of innovation sector entrepreneurs and remote tech workers in rural Colorado

Fremont Economic Development Corporation is a professional economic development organization focused directly on business attraction, retention and expansion in Fremont County, Colorado. With an established and growing network of business, academic and governmental partners, we directly assist companies with competitive location or expansion projects by connecting them with the right people, the appropriate resources and the most meaningful and relevant information. FEDC’s TechSTART program is an award-winning tech sector co-working community, creating an innovation catalyst for rural Colorado.

  • Support Ecosystem

    Our rural community of tech sector experts are supporting each others projects in a collaborative mentoring environment

  • Remote Workers

    Supporting remote tech employees with affordable office space, high speed fiber, hot coffee, and other awesome tech people

  • Regular Meetups

    Practice-Pitch your product, volunteer with interns, get the latest community news, and contribute to the direction of Fremont County.


We Never Stop Exploring, Developing, and Using Our Creativity to Build ONTO the Best.

There is still so much to explore and create for the cloud… so much. As the cloud continues to develop and mature, we will always be there.


Now, Windows Virtual Desktop.

When Microsoft announced its Windows Virtual Desktop, they included us as a “leading partner” for the solution. Our development and product teams have been working with Microsoft for more than 18 months to develop this solution. We have never felt so honored to be part of a product development team.


For Us, That’s Just Natural!

We have been part of the cloud story for almost two decades. During that time, we’ve worked with every major player in IT. No one understands the cloud as we do, and, that will never change.

CloudJumper has a special remote work solution offer in response to COVID-19 (coronavirus).

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