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Give Your End Customers What They Really Want – Give Them Cloud Workspace®


Cloud Workspace® has so much to offer your End Customers – do they know what they’re missing out on?

Editor’s Note: As we continue to watch CloudJumper’s sales and its installed base surpass monthly records, almost every month, we know we get why MSPs should be moving their business into the cloud, and why their End Customers should be doing likewise. Keep reading to discover why your MSPs needs to begin growing your business in the cloud… today, in 2018.

Let’s cut right to the chase – your End Customers don’t want to have to worry about their IT. That’s why they work with you, right? Every time they have to log a ticket, ask a question, sign off on an expensive but “necessary” purchase of new server equipment… every time they see IT in a negative light, it’s bad business for you.

That’s why it’s so important to leverage the latest advancements in technology — such as the cloud — to help you revolutionize the way your End Customers think about IT, and gain the range of exciting benefits that come with it. With the right solution, you can eliminate otherwise tedious and time-consuming responsibilities for your End Customers, allowing them to dedicate their time to more pressing business concerns.

So what’s the right solution? Cloud Workspace®, which offers many exciting advantages to your End Customers (and by extension, you as well):

  • Savings on Hardware | Before the cloud, onsite servers were a must for any business that wanted to succeed, but no longer. Businesses today don’t need to purchase, install and maintain onsite servers because, with Cloud Workspace®, they outsource their end-user computing to us. By choosing a cloud solution for them, your End Customers will enjoy all the benefits of up to date and optimized IT without having to pay more than your monthly service fee.
  • Improved Access to Work | Cloud Workspace® will make it simple for your End Customers’ staff to get at their work, no matter where they are. They’ll enjoy easy access to their work, email and data through any configured device, allowing them to work on the go as need be. Off-line file sync allows users to get work done while away from the office, and immediately update any online files as soon as they’re back.
  • OpEx > CapEx | Whereas Capital Expenditures (CapEx) are paid for up front and see a gradual return over the following months and years, Cloud Workspace® is an Operating Expense (OpEx) and “pay-as-you-go.” Your clients pay for Cloud Workspace® month by month, which vastly reduces the window between investment and return.
  • Complete Scalability | No matter how your End Customers’ businesses change, whether growing, expanding to multiple locations, or otherwise, the cloud is flexible enough to precisely fit their needs.
  • Free Up Their Staff | No longer do your End Customers’ IT staffs have to spend their days babysitting servers and running from fire to fire. Between the reliability of Cloud Workspace® and the high-level support they receive you’re your technicians, your End Customers’ IT staffs will become a vital resource that can focus on big picture, long-term technology projects.
  • Effective BYOD | An ideal way for your End Customers to address the security risks that come with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is by implementing Cloud Workspace®, It gives them the freedom to use the devices of their choice, while at the same time, allowing the IT team to maintain control over the corporate data that’s stored in the cloud. That way, you shift the responsibility of data security from their employees to your trained team of IT support professionals. If a device is compromised, you can revoke access, remotely wipe data and more in order to ensure total security of your client’s data.
  • High-Level Support | IT doesn’t just mean hardware and software – your End Customers need the right people, too. In addition to having you as their MSP, CloudJumper users benefit from an expert team of technicians working Tier 2 support and above to ensure the cloud services you deliver them are functioning properly around the clock.
  • Safe and Inexpensive | Security can be difficult to manage because, as important as it is, it’s often just as expensive. However, with the right cloud solution, your End Customers are only paying a small monthly fee to gain access to enterprise-level security solutions offered to all other clients on the platform.

Don’t forget – as great as Cloud Workspace® is for your End Customers, it offers just as much to you, the MSP. We’re proud to offer unbeatable pricing margins, robust support capability and convenient marketing options you won’t find anywhere else – what are you (and your End Customers) waiting for?

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