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Meteoric Rise of Bitcoin is Past, but You Can Still Make Money


And, now you have a similar opportunity with the cloud

Anyone who has made money so far on Bitcoin was either an innovator, a true visionary or one who kept watching and timed their entry well.  If you fall into the other camp, there is still time to make money, but you won’t if you continue to sit on the sidelines. 

Bitcoin debuted eight years ago in 2009, and for much of the time since then, hasn’t really been worthy of note. More often than not, if you heard about Bitcoin, it was a throwaway joke in a TV show that most people assumed would date it to 2011.

As it turns out, most people were wrong. At the time of printing this blog, a single Bitcoin is valued at $15,979.00, and the Bitcoin computer network is so large it uses as much electricity as Denmark – not much of joke anymore, right?

If you didn’t invest in Bitcoin before its meteoric rise in value, you’re not too late, but you have to get in, if you ever plan to make any money.  We have been saying the same thing about the cloud now for more than a year, and the parallel with Bitcoin was just too good to pass up.  Are you still hesitating?  What are you waiting for?

We at CloudJumper are the innovators and visionaries, and just like Bitcoin, our meteoric rise took time: we like to call ourselves a “17-year-overnight success.” But here we are, the leader of this industry, because our team has believed in the advantages offered by Workspace as a Service (WaaS) solutions since we began pioneering our solution 17 years ago.

If you’re company wasn’t visionary like ours, like those who got into Bitcoin in 2009, you can be even smarter and be like those who bought into Bitcoin a year ago (and maybe like those still buying it today) – just like so many of our most successful MSP partners who have been successfully building their business in the cloud over the last 18 months to two years.

Cloud workspace solutions have quickly taken over the business technology world, becoming a household term along with “smartphone” and “selfie.”  Consider that with the above benefits of focusing on just one key offering, and what you’ve got could be a thriving cloud business. It’s what everybody wants, and it’s what’ll benefit your MSP the most as well.  Better than buying into Bitcoin in 2017!

Failing to see the writing on the wall will only serve to shrink your customer-base. More and more, your customers and your competitors are becoming cloud-focused.  If you don’t too, your business growth will stall.  Soon enough, your existing customers will start asking for a cloud workspace solution — a warning sign in and of itself — and then jump ship when it becomes clear that you can’t deliver what your competitors can.

As you can see, lacking an innovative cloud workspace solution paints a rather grim picture, so let’s examine the opposite – what does a cloud workspace solution offer you and your customers?

When you partner with the right cloud provider, delivering an unbeatable solution is easier than you may think. The CloudJumper team is here to help MSPs like yours implement a winning cloud-focused service with our industry-leading WaaS solution, Cloud Workspace® This platform provides you with the tools and support you need, as well as a range of benefits:

  • Outsourced Level 2 Support | The CloudJumper team of expert cloud engineers and support technicians will handle any and all support requests from your customers that reach level 2 and above. This frees up your team to handle simple issues like forgotten passwords and login management.
  • Vastly Reduced Payroll | A cloud-first strategy means you won’t have to pay expensive salaries for Tier 2 and 3 engineers.
  • Simplified Expenses | Focusing on one key service means simplifying your business as a whole – fewer vendors, a smaller staff, etc.

Furthermore — and just as crucial to the growth of your business and its bottom line — what does this solution offer your customers?

As a start, key benefits of a robust cloud platform like ours include:

  • Convenient Flexibility | The cloud offers granular scalability to match whatever way your customers’ businesses may change. Whether they’re adding new employees, a second location, a new department or whatever else, the cloud makes it simple to add and configure new resources to support them along the way.
  • Operating vs. Capital | Transitioning your customers from an on-premise IT environment means freeing them from inflexible and hard-to-budget Capital Expenses – this type of expense is invested upfront and only gets a return over time. However, your customer’s new cloud environment, hosted offsite and provided virtually, is budgeted as an Operating Expense, which is much easier to budget as the cost goes out and the return goes comes in month by month.
  • Comprehensive Accessibility | One of the most favored benefits of the cloud is the access it offers users. No matter where they may be, so long as they have a working internet connection then they can access their work through the cloud. In the office, at home, on the go, on vacation or wherever else, the cloud brings their data to them.

The choice is clear, right? Think about all the benefits that come with a methodically, and patiently built cloud workspace solution, and weigh them against what will eventually happen if you stay the way you are right now. Don’t let your MSP get left behind!

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