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Business Analytics: Not just for big business anymore


Learning from your mistakes is undoubtedly important, regardless of whether it’s in a personal or a professional setting. Understanding your shortcomings is the best way to avoid them, but focusing solely on what you’ve done wrong can be detrimental as well. We often tend to focus on that one thing we did wrong, but ultimately it’s just as important to consider what we did correctly, as well as how we did it.

That’s why business analytics are so important. By analyzing the way that you serve your clients, and comparing it to the way that your competitors serve theirs, you can identify valuable patterns that, when applied to your business, can help you achieve great results.

Unfortunately, business analytics are almost solely available to big business enterprises, given the costs and technologies needed to mine all the available data. That is, until now.

CloudJumper is proud to offer MSPs like yours with the chance to give your customers real business analytics through our Workspace as a Service (WaaS) solution. This platform aggregates the data of thousands of businesses and their end-users to form substantiated analyses that are endlessly useful for users in similar businesses — your clients. By moving your clients’ operations into the cloud, you can easily (and anonymously) compare the way they do business to every other competitor in their industry.

This solution will allow you to filter the results by industry, geographic region, location, software and hardware used, and more! Line of Business applications for the finance, accounting, legal, medical industries and more are already in the cloud, and that motherlode of data is just waiting to be put to good use.

Think of it this way: with our WaaS solution, you could tell one of your clients — say, an accounting firm — that their competitors within their city use a Line of Business application (such as Quickbooks), 14% more than them and have seen a greater profit because of it. Your client could then immediately roll out a plan to adapt to the industry trend and soon see a greater profit because of it!

Big data and business analytics are the next evolution for the SMB community; the question is, will you keep up, or go extinct?

To learn more about how CloudJumper’s WaaS platform will revolutionize the way you help your clients, get in touch with us right away at or (844) 645-6789.

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