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10 Years of the iPhone, 10 Years of the Cloud

Thu, Jul 13,17  

Can you think back a decade ago? The final Harry Potter book was dominating the reading world; the Writers’ Guild strike took a big bite out of prime time viewing, and the world was introduced to the iPhone. The Early Players At the now infamous Apple Keynote in June of 2017, Steve Jobs unveiled the …

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What’s In It For Your Clients?

Fri, Jul 7,17  

Happy Fourth of July! The CloudJumper team hopes you had a good long weekend, or at least the day off on Tuesday to celebrate our nation. Time off is a great opportunity for your clients to relax and recharge, as well as take stock of where their company is, and gain a new perspective on …

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Choose the Right Cloud Partner to Catapult Your Business into the Cloud.

Thu, Jun 29,17  

Can I be straight with you? You and I know there’s no point in trying to sell you on the cloud anymore because you’re already convinced. How could you not be, with how ubiquitous it is at this point? Everybody’s using the cloud, both at home and in the office. So there’s no point in …

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Help Your Clients Save Money By Switching to WaaS Today.

Thu, Jun 22,17  

Getting ahead as a Managed Services Provider (MSP) doesn’t just require effective solutions. You need to offer more if you’re going to get — and keep — your clients. In the end, it won’t be enough just to keep your clients’ systems up to date, secure, backed up, and all around comprehensively operational, because there’s …

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WaaS Makes Your Office Cool and Green

Thu, Jun 15,17  

Summer is almost here, and the temperature is already rising. Sleeves are getting rolled up, chilled water coolers are emptying more quickly than just a few weeks ago, and soon the A/C will be at full blast. When it comes to your customers’ employees, it can cost just about as much to keep them comfortable …

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The Verdict is In: Your Law Firm Clients Need the Cloud

Fri, Jun 9,17  

Running a law firm can be challenging; there’s so much data to keep and store and manage. All those documents they bury their adversaries in have to be stored somewhere! They have to be produced using Word, and there is a good chance they manage billing and time-tracking online too! Workspace as a Service simply …

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Your customers are worried about ransomware – what will you tell them?

Thu, Jun 1,17  

Ransomware is now a household name, and there’s no going back. Even though cybercriminals have been using ransomware for years now, it wasn’t until the global Wanna Cry attack that awareness reached critical mass. As you know, on May 11th, Wanna Cry struck businesses in the UK, and over the following few days, spread across …

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Cloud Workspace® will keep your customers safe from ransomware.

Thu, May 25,17  

ou already know that CloudJumper’s Cloud Workspace®, WaaS solution is cost-effective, robustly supported, and endlessly convenient for your end-users – but did you know it can help defend against ransomware too? Ransomware has quickly become one of the biggest cyber threats to businesses today, especially given the recent Wanna Cry epidemic that infected hundreds of …

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