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We’ve Been Embracing Columbus’ Spirit for Decades

Thu, Oct 11,18  

As Director of Marketing, I have been with our company since February of 2007, and I have been using our solution in one form or another since the collective company’s founding in 2000. That’s right, for more than 18 years, I have been logging into my desktop …

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Microsoft Ignite – A Validating Week for CloudJumper

Fri, Sep 28,18  

Microsoft announced their new Windows Virtual Desktop this week at the Microsoft Ignite Conference, a solution that will seamlessly integrate with our Cloud Workspace Management Suite …

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Microsoft Announces Windows Virtual Desktop, Names CloudJumper as Leading Partner

Mon, Sep 24,18  

Today, Microsoft announced that it is getting into the Desktop as a Service space with its Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) solution and names CloudJumper as a “leading partner.” CloudJumper has been working with Microsoft for over 18 months …

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What Should You Look For In A Cloud-First Partner? (Questions/Answers)

Thu, Sep 20,18  

A cloud-first approach to business is becoming more and more popular – but that doesn’t mean it’s without its share of obstacles. What considerations should you keep in mind in terms of cloud strategy? …

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Cloud Adoption (Questions/Answers)

Thu, Sep 13,18  

There have never been more reasons for businesses to embrace cloud computing – but there are still a few key reasons why some believe they shouldn’t. Are these pain points really still a factor?
Would you say cloud computing is “new”? …

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What’s the Secret to CloudJumper’s Success? (Questions/Answers)

Fri, Sep 7,18  

To celebrate Labor Day, we’re taking this opportunity to share just how vital our staff is to both our and our partners’ success! No doubt, you have heard that industry-leading, award-winning, unbeatable technologies come down to the “it” factor …

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Managing Or Outsourcing The Cloud (Questions/Answers)

Thu, Aug 30,18  

Do you prefer to handle a task firsthand, or leave it to a reliable team? When it comes to cloud workspace solutions, do you even have a choice?

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Let’s Compare CloudJumper vs Citrix’s Cloud Offering

Thu, Aug 23,18  

CloudJumper a born-in-the-cloud SaaS-based solution for WaaS and DaaS/VDI is simple, agnostic and partner friendly …

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