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What’s The Best Way To Manage A Cloud Deployment? Managing Cloud Deployments (Questions/Answers)

Thu, Aug 16,18  

RMM tools are a must-have for on-premise support, right? So why don’t you have an equivalent solution for your cloud deployments? …

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Neutralizing Insider Cybersecurity Threats (Questions/Answers)

Thu, Aug 9,18  

Whether they mean to or not, employees can greatly weaken a business’ cybersecurity – so what’s the best way to eliminate the threat they pose? …

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The Threat Posed By Malicious Employees (Questions/Answers)

Thu, Aug 2,18  

A disgruntled employee can mean more than a bad review on – with access to your data, they can cause a lot of damage.
Malicious Employees (And The Damage They Cause) Aren’t A Myth! …

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The Effect of Employee Negligence on Company-Wide Security

Thu, Jul 26,18  

Statistically speaking, the most common cause of data breaches in the modern business work is also the hardest for owners and managers to spot…
What’s The #1 Security Threat? …

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CloudJumper At Microsoft Inspire – “Productive” Is An Understatement

Fri, Jul 20,18  

The CloudJumper team is energized by our experience at Microsoft Inspire 2018 – we made so many new connections, spread the word about what Cloud Workspace® Management Suite can do with Azure, and more! …

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CloudJumper Names New COO and CTO

Thu, Jul 12,18  

The CloudJumper team is proud to announce Drew Walz as their new Chief Technology Officer, and Michael Walsh as their new Chief Operating Officer. As proud as I am of the services that CloudJumper provides to thousands of end customers, I understand that it’s only one part of what makes us what we are …

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The Top 4 Ways WaaS Sets You Free (Questions/Benefits/Answers)

Tue, Jul 3,18  

How Will WaaS Set You Free? Independence Day is all about freedom – but just what does WaaS give you freedom from? Check out the top 5 freedoms WaaS offers below. The fourth of July is the perfect opportunity to take a moment and reflect on the many freedoms you enjoy today, thanks to the …

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Choosing The Most Secure Cloud Solution For Your End Customers (Questions/Answers)

Thu, Jun 28,18  

As popular as Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) cloud platforms are in the small-medium sized business market, they aren’t the best option available for their size and needs. What’s The Most Secure Cloud Solution For Your Customers? Given how popular the cloud has become in the business world today, it …

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