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The Secret To Finding Ideal Cloud Workspace® Customers

Thu, Jun 21,18  

Understanding Cloud Workspace® is a key part of its delivery – but it’s just as important to understand what type of customer needs it most. We often get the same questions over and over… “What’s the best vertical for your solutions?” “What industries do you typically target?” “What markets can I break into with the …

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Don’t Believe The Hype? The Truth About Modern Cloud Computing

Thu, Jun 14,18  

The cloud is such a big part of daily business – as well as a popular discussion – that it can be difficult to sort out what’s true and what’s exaggerated. Case in point: these 5 key misconceptions about the second decade of cloud computing. The cloud may still feel like a new technology but …

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Stand Out From The Cloud Workspace Crowd

Thu, Jun 7,18  

As popular as the cloud is, it’s getting harder to sell to your end customers. There’s never been more competition and every day, more cloud workspace contenders enter the fight – how can you stand out from the crowd? Whether you’re already offering it or not, you know the cloud is a big deal …

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Remembering Professor John McCarthy – A Forefather Of Cloud Computing

Fri, Jun 1,18  

Professor John McCarthy recognized the potential of cloud computing more than 50 years ago – although at the time he called it “utility computing,” he was entirely correct in his predictions about how it would deliver powerful technology to countless users at a reasonable price. The CloudJumper team is proud to start a new tradition …

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Our Cloud Workspace Is Proclaimed “Cool” – Two Years Running

Thu, May 24,18  

The CloudJumper team is so excited to have been included in Gartner’s Cool Vendor report for the second year in a row! Just what makes us so cool, you may ask? Read on to find out. Listen, we know, just like everyone else, it’s not all that cool to actually talk about how cool you …

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Take A Crash Course in Our Cloud Workspace Solutions

Thu, May 17,18  

CloudJumper is proud to offer a comprehensive range of cloud services – read on to see just what each of our solutions do, and what they offer you and your end customers. Since the very beginning, the CloudJumper team has never stopped innovating.

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CloudJumper Joins TAG For 2018 Annual Convention

Thu, May 10,18  

CloudJumper is proud to be a part of TAG’s Annual Convention three years running, offering it’s many members an ideal way to transition to providing cloud services to their end customers. For the third year in a row, CloudJumper took part in the annual Technology Assurance Group (TAG) Convention in San Diego from April 30th …

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A Major Version of XenApp Will Hit End of Life in June – You Have Five Choices to Protect Your IT…And, You Best Choose Soon!

Fri, May 4,18  

If you’ve been relying on Citrix for your End User (or End Customer) computing environment, by the end of June, you’re going to need to figure out, what’s next! Nothing lasts forever, which is especially true at Citrix with how often they force updates and upgrades on their customers. Well, there is a doozy coming …

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