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Choose the Right Cloud Partner to Catapult Your Business into the Cloud.


Can I be straight with you? You and I know there’s no point in trying to sell you on the cloud anymore because you’re already convinced. How could you not be, with how ubiquitous it is at this point?

Everybody’s using the cloud, both at home and in the office. So there’s no point in selling the cloud when really, you’re more interested in the cloud partner.

There’s seemingly no end to options when it comes to finding a cloud partner for your business. Every year, hundreds, if not thousands of new cloud providers hop on the scene – how can you tell which is the real deal, and which are just trying to capitalize on the craze and make a quick buck?

Easy! Ask yourself the right questions…

Does the solution allow my MSP to make money?
The right provider will understand that they’re partnering with MSPs like you, not just funneling you into the next tier of their pyramid scheme. We’re proud to say that CloudJumper has been in the industry long enough to understand how to effectively price our service in such a way that offers our partners a lucrative profit margin (did we mention at disruptive prices?).

Additionally, at CloudJumper, you will never compete with us as we sell 100% through the channel.

Is the solution robust and reliable?
Although backups and reliability should be a given when it comes to a technology like “the cloud”, you never know what a partner might overlook. The CloudJumper team is sure to provide regular, comprehensive backups in order to keep you and your customers insured against power outages, cyber crime, human error, and any other causes of data loss.

Does the partner have the back-end solutions to support me?
That is to say, do you need to be a seasoned cloud engineer to understand the solution?

In our case, no. We’ve developed our very own partner portal — my.CloudJumper — that provides easy access to and control of all your customer accounts, making for a simple support process.

Is the product secure?
In today’s business world, cybercrime is bigger than ever. Before you choose a cloud partner, you have to be sure you can trust them with your — and your customers’ — vital business data.

CloudJumper takes security seriously. In addition to storing our partners’ files, applications and other data in world-class data centers, we also follow proven best practices to ensure our many clients are kept safe. Remember the Wanna Cry epidemic in May? As per our regular maintenance practices, we had patched the vulnerability in question long before Wanna Cry hit, which meant that as thousands of organizations around the world reeled from the attack, each and every one of our MSP partners and their many customers were 100% protected long before it even started.

Do they maintain their own data centers?
Knowing where data is stored and who is managing it is an important step in judging a cloud partner, so be sure to inquire about the data center. CloudJumper does not maintain a data center because we know it’s not our specialty.

Managing a data center is a very demanding, specific skill that requires onsite, around the clock attention and extensive expertise. We believe that we (and you and your customers) are better served by working with the best-outsourced data center providers and devoting our best energy to focus on our solution and systems.

What’s the reputation of the cloud provider?  How long have they been providing the service?
Regardless of whether it’s a cloud partner or the plumber you’re getting to fix your sink, you’ll want to know what kind of experience and credentials they have.

We’re proud to have been at this longer than almost anyone else. For 17 years now we’ve been developing our WaaS solution and testing it with the likes of Microsoft, Google, VMware and so many others, meaning that, as our partner in cloud technology, you don’t just get our WaaS solution; you get the industry-leading expertise and experience that comes with it.

How do they distribution their solution?
The partnership is great until they start competing with you in your own backyard!  At CloudJumper we value our partner network and seek to put our energy and efforts into helping you succeed and not by managing a direct sales force to compete against you.  We are 100% through the channel, and we have been built that way since day one.

Do they have the resources to build their business?
You’re planning to grow and expand your business, so why shouldn’t your cloud partner be as well? You want a partner that can evolve with you, and continue to meet your needs.

Since the beginning, CloudJumper has invested heavily in what we do, building a robust infrastructure to support the 2200+ apps we deliver, developing our capability for third-party patching, Active Directory, remote monitoring and management, provisioning from IIT, and much more.

To this day, we continue to invest heavily in our partner portal and technologies that will help the partner bring customers onto Cloud Workspace® faster and easier (such as JumpStart, our rapid on-boarding solution that’s currently in beta, and soon to be in GA).

In the end, you need to do your homework when it comes to finding your cloud partner – make the right choice, and you’ll see how they help your business grow while keeping your end users productive, secure and happy.

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