How a Cloud Broker Can Make Cloud Migration a Much More Seamless and Beneficial Process

JD Helms

The burgeoning interest by companies of all sizes in migrating to the cloud to safeguard or streamline their IT processes has presented some confusion or difficulties for clients when dealing directly with cloud providers. A cloud broker can be a helpful go-between in this scenario, managing the use, performance, and delivery of cloud services, and negotiating relationships between cloud providers and cloud consumers.

The many benefits of using a cloud broker for business or technical purposes include the following:

  • Cloud interoperability, or integration between several cloud offerings.
  • Cloud portability, or moving an application between different cloud vendors.
  • Enhancing business continuity by reducing dependency on a single cloud provider.
  • Increases SLAs (service level agreements) by leveraging multiple cloud providers.
  • Cost savings – Most IaaS clouds offer significant volume discounts to those who have purchased many instances.

For example, Amazon provides 20% or even higher volume discounts in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). (Due to the sheer volume of the aggregated demand, cloud brokers can easily qualify for such discounts, which further reduces the cost of serving all their users!)

Cloud brokers also provide a single point of entry in managing multiple cloud services for business or technical purposes. Two important and unique features of a cloud broker are the ability to provide a single consistent interface to multiple differing cloud providers, and the clear visibility the agent allows into who is providing the services in the background.

A Brief Cloud Broker Tutorial

Cloud brokers like us provide services in three categories:

  • Service aggregation, which combines and integrates multiple services into one or more new services.
  • Arbitrage, or service arbitrage. Similar to service aggregation, except that the services being aggregated are not fixed. The broker has the flexibility to choose services from multiple providers, depending upon the characteristics of the data or the context of the service.
  • Intermediation. The cloud broker enhances a given service by improving some specific capability and providing value-added services to cloud consumers.

In addition to acting as an intermediary for contract negotiations, our cloud brokerage company can also provide customers with additional services, facilitating the deduplication, encryption, app virtualization, and transfer of our clients’ data to the cloud while assisting with data lifecycle management (DLM).

Cloud Jumper allows you to leap to the cloud seamlessly, and avoid the negotiations details and back and forth that accompany dealing with a cloud provider directly. Call one of our friendly cloud brokers now at 844.645.6789 or email us at for more information on how to get started making cloud solutions for your business as accessible and beneficial as possible!

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