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Cloud Computing Safety: How to Keep Your Data Secure


Oh, do people still fret about the security of the cloud? Sadly, yes.

Just a few years ago moving to the cloud seemed like a risky proposition, but today even the most basic cloud providers have better security in place than a SMB’s typical on-premise computing environment.

cloud computing security

Often on-premise infrastructure is made up of a mix of technologies from different eras leading to numerous vulnerabilities. Even if a company buys the best server equipment but skimps on enviromentals – room, cooling, access – they open themselves up to a huge risk.

Come to the cloud and data security becomes so easy because it is inherent in the solution. Why is this? Cloud computing providers rest their entire reputations on security.

Globally, the industry takes security very seriously. At CloudJumper, security concerns are paramount, and we maintain fully integrated technologies that are simply out of reach of the typical SMB. 

cloud security

CloudJumper data centers are Tier IV Gold and meet the following specifications:

  • Fault tolerant
  • SSAE-16 Type II
  • TIA 942 Class 4
  • HIPPA and Sarbanes-Oxley certified

There are only a handful of gold-certified Tier IV data centers around the world, as defined by the Uptime Institute.  

It’s important for MSPs to thoroughly vet their cloud vendors prior to marketing their solutions. MSPs should be particularly aware of their cloud partner’s security measures: how they handle backups, breaches and destructive employees.  What does the SLA say about security and does the cloud provider have a good reputation?

While business owners may initially object to having their data out of reach (and in the cloud), the truth is that data center management is best left to those who do nothing but eat, drink, live and breathe it daily.

Cloud providers need to keep their focus on solutions and the technologies behind them.  Maintaining a focus on data center management diverts attention and resources and doesn’t allow for the best overall solution.  Why would any company maintain their own data centers when Microsoft Azure, Google, Profit Bricks and others do it so well, at very reasonable rates?

How Does WaaS Make the Modern Workplace More Secure?

The modern workforce is very mobile. Between laptops, tablets and phones, we are all connecting to our apps via a multitude of devices.


Workspace as a Service (WaaS) simplifies this process, storing all data and applications in a cloud desktop.  

Security and convenience are both inherent to WaaS.  For example, you can access your desktop from your phone.  However, if you lose it, there is no need to worry about the whoops as the desktop on every device is password protected and not obviously present on the lost device.  Try that with data stored on your c:/drive!

Then there’s the security for the company: should an employee act with malicious intent against company data, the WaaS provider will act quickly to shut the staffer down or restore the data lost in just a matter of minutes.  

With company owned infrastructure, sure the backups may be there, but where are they and does anyone really know how to access them?  When that answer is yes, no doubt it comes because the company outsourced the backup to, indeed, a cloud provider.  

Contact us today to speak with a rep about how CloudJumper is helping MSPs move clients to the cloud in a secure way.

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