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Cloud-First Is Necessary, But Not Necessarily Easy


Developing a cloud workspace solution is more easily said than done – but without one, how will your clients launch their cloud-first strategies?

Recently, we’ve talked a lot about how necessary a cloud-first strategy is. We’ve shown you why a cloud-first strategy is so important, we’ve shown how it’s the next step in the evolution of the MSP industry, and we’ve shown you how to find the best partner to build your cloud-first approach.

In a nutshell, we talk a lot of cloud-first strategy, because the truth is that as vital as it is for success in the modern business world, it’s not a simple thing. The key to a cloud-first business is in offering your current and future customers an unbeatable cloud workspace solution, which is easier said than done.

Consider the facts…

Workspace as a Service (WaaS) is the future of the cloud.

As compared to the empty, inconvenient cloud workspace solutions you’d get from Desktop as a Service (DaaS) providers, WaaS comes with everything you as an MSP needs to develop and maintain a productive, convenient and safe IT environment at your clients’ businesses, as well as help them launch a cloud-first focus.

The fact is that DaaS providers will tell you that you’re getting the best cloud workspace solution, but in the end, it’ll just be more work for your business. That’s because DaaS is just an empty shell of a platform; for it to work, it’s up to you to complete it with the features the end users need.

CloudJumper is proud to offer an industry-leading WaaS solution, Cloud Workspace®. In addition to the desktop, Cloud Workspace® comes with Active Directory, anti-virus technology, data backup, and total environment management from our expert team of cloud engineers. It’s the ultimate turnkey solution for MSPs like you that want to bring their clients a cloud-first strategy.

Unfortunately, building a cloud workspace solution of your own isn’t a simple process. Let’s look at what it takes…

You need to make a major financial investment.

In order to provide a WaaS solution worthy of a cloud-first strategy, you have to budget for a range of ongoing costs.

We take pride in the fact that we can offer disruptive pricing and unbeatable margins for our partners, but to make that possible, we have to manage the many upfront and ongoing expenses that come with developing and providing a WaaS solution.

Just think about what it costs to offer Cloud Workspace®…

  • Upfront Investment | Before you can even start selling your WaaS solution, you have to be able to afford significant fixed costs, the largest by far being the infrastructure needed to deploy a cloud workspace solution like this. This isn’t just software that’s bought and installed; every client needs their own dedicated server.
  • Expensive Deployment | Once you have the infrastructure, then you have to deal with the cost of deploying systems and software to clients, which means paying for the authorization to host major software brand names like Microsoft Office 365, Quickbooks, etc. In fact, we offer more than 2200 separate apps, each of which comes with its own cost.

You need expert and qualified personnel.

You simply can’t build and deploy a competitive WaaS solution and cloud-first strategy without a staff of dedicated engineers.

The CloudJumper team averages almost five years of experience with the company. This includes a nice balance of some very long-time staff and many new entries who keep our energy fresh. We have worked hard to build our staff, and they in return have helped us build the industry’s premiere WaaS solution.

We continue to develop our team with training and access to the best technology. In return, our certified engineers and technicians have become experienced experts in a range of industry-standard technologies, including…

  • IndependenceIT
  • Citrix
  • VMWare
  • Microsoft
  • Intuit
  • HP

Keep in mind – that’s just the technology to make our cloud workspace solution run. We also have an incredible development staff who has built our industry-leading partner portal, my.CloudJumper, our data warehouse, and numerous other partner support tools. Quite simply, there are a lot of moving parts to what we do, and we need certified professionals to support every single one.

You need robust and comprehensive app support.

Put simply: WaaS is nothing without the apps that users need it for.

Unless a business can use the WaaS solution to get their daily work done with their industry-standard applications, it’s not really much of a cloud workspace solution, is it? That said, ensuring that a WaaS solution can properly support the many lines of business apps used in the modern workplace isn’t easily done – in fact, it’s so difficult that most providers choose to offer an empty, more easily developed DaaS solution.

CloudJumper isn’t most providers – we’re proud to offer a WaaS solution that can deploy more than 2200 separate apps that are used by workers in countless industries every day.

Just think about what it takes to support more than 2200 apps…

  • Infrastructure | To properly deploy the apps, you need extensive hardware infrastructure, including terminal servers, data backup, and even more, just as the foundation of the cloud workspace solution.
  • Systems & Software | From there, you also need third-party patching, Active Directory, remote monitoring, and management, provisioning from IIT or Citrix, and the list goes on.

In the end, providing your customers with a cloud-first strategy is all about the experience: we’ve had 16 years to develop Cloud Workspace® to perfectly deploy each and every app that our end users need. When it comes to a new provider hopping on the cloud bandwagon, they just can’t compete with this kind of background – after all, we’re cloud pioneers.

For more information about how CloudJumper can give you what you need to set your customers up with a cloud-first strategy, get in touch with us right away at or (844) 645-6789. Follow us on social media: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn.


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