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Finding A Cloud Service Provider That Can Do It All


Many businesses have chosen to work with up to three separate cloud service providers in order to ensure all their needs are met. You don’t need three partners – you just need CloudJumper.

There is no end of options when it comes to finding the right cloud service provider for your business – and apparently, for most businesses, even after they’ve settled on one, they end up choosing a few others as well.

A recent Vanson Bourne survey — commissioned by security vendor Barracuda Networks — revealed that 63% of the 903 enterprise business respondents employ not one, but three different public cloud providers. According to respondents, this was due to the fact that different cloud service providers have different strengths – or, in other words, they can’t get everything they need from just one cloud partner.

We found out about the survey in this article that explains how to choose a cloud service provider – we’re excited to see that we indeed offer everything noted in the list of must-haves when it comes to cloud service. Albeit, the article talks more about public cloud offerings, and while we differ slightly in that we offer Workspace as a Service, every point still applies to our solution.

The CloudJumper team prides itself on offering a truly comprehensive cloud workspace solution, which meets every need your MSP and its end users may have, including:

  • SERVICES OFFERED | Our (WaaS) solution, Cloud Workspace®, is a truly comprehensive cloud workspace service, especially when compared to the more common Desktop as a Service offering you’ll find elsewhere. WaaS comes with everything you as a Managed Services Provider need to develop and maintain a productive, convenient and safe IT environment at your clients’ businesses. Providers will tell you that you’re getting the best cloud solution, but in the end, it’ll just be more work for your business.
  • SUPPORT FOR A WIDE RANGE OF TECHNOLOGY | Our cloud workspace solution is accessible on any internet-connected device, regardless of the operating system. What’s more, we’re proud to offer more than 2200 apps hosted through the Cloud Workspace®, ensuring that your end customers can continue to work with their programs of choice after your MSP joins the CloudJumper ecosystem.
  • COMPETITIVE PRICING | Having been a member of the cloud industry for 17 years now, we’ve learned how to offer disruptive pricing and great margins for our MSP partners. Our team’s considerable experience in the cloud industry has allowed us to precisely value our service for maximum cost-effect, leaving a great margin for you as you bring it to your customers.
  • MOBILITY | As mentioned before, our WaaS solution is accessible from any device that’s connected to the internet – whether that’s the old computer at the home office, a mobile device during the morning commute, or wherever else your end customers need to get work done.
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT | We also offer robust support options for your MSP’s sales, engineering and marketing efforts. Once you’ve made the choice to sell our Cloud Workspace® solution, we don’t leave it at that. From predeveloped marketing collateral to ongoing support from our expert engineers, CloudJumper is here to help. We’re here to support your customers as well – whether it’s a holiday weekend or just another day at the office, our support team is monitoring performance to ensure everything continues to run smoothly.
  • DATA CENTER MANAGEMENT | Knowing where data is stored and who is managing it is an important step in judging a cloud partner, so be sure to inquire about the data center. CloudJumper does not maintain its own data centers, because we know it’s not our specialty. Managing a data center is a very demanding, specific skill that requires onsite, around the clock attention and extensive expertise. We believe that we are all better served by working with the best-outsourced data center providers and devoting our best energy to focus on our solution and systems.
  • SPEED FROM GROUND TO CLOUD | A key feature of our service is JumpStart, a fully automated customer migration application that has been designed from the ground up to transition new customers to our WaaS solution by scanning the customer’s IT environment, mirroring their landscape data, and provisioning new WaaS account. This is the ultimate tool for seamless customer cloud workspace onboarding – including the seeding of data and network mirroring – that completes the process in hours and not weeks.
  • INNOVATION | Over the past 16 years, the CloudJumper team has not stopped innovating. From our promotion of the best available cloud configuration (WaaS) to our newly developed JumpStart solution, we continue to fine-tune and perfect our services in order to meet the ever-changing needs of MSPs and their end customers.
  • SLA PROVISIONS | We offer an industry-leading SLA that ensures the provision of an exceptional product backed by us, the industry-leading WaaS provider. The truth? We always go above and beyond what our SLA offers, because in the end, your success is our success, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you and your end customers are properly supported. Furthermore, our data center partners maintain tier 3, 4 and now even the newest and only tier 5 data center in the world, all of which offer a 100% uptime SLA – if not, we wouldn’t work with them. 
  • DOWNTIME TRACK RECORD | Cloud Workspace® hasn’t experienced downtime ever! How’s that for a track record? 
  • STRATEGIC PARTNERS | We’re proud to partner with the following industry-leading vendors:
    • Microsoft
    • Intuit
    • Google
    • VMware
    • Plus 2500+ LOBs apps that we support

In the end, you need to do your homework when it comes to finding your cloud service partner – make the right choice and you won’t need to find another two providers to make sure you and your end customers’ needs are being seen to.

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