It’s never been a better time to become a Cloud Services Broker

Max Pruger

We’ve already covered what a Cloud Services Broker is… so you may be wondering why now is the best time for you to pivot your Managed Services Provider (MSP) business into cloud brokerage.

Allow us to explain. There are a few key reasons…

  • The world is moving to the cloud | According to Technology Business Research, worldwide public cloud revenue will increase from $80B in 2015 to $167B in 2020. The fact is that the world is moving to the cloud, with or without your MSP; will you allow yourself to be left behind?
  • Clients are asking for it | The cloud is arguably the biggest buzzword in IT today, and one of the most ubiquitous innovations in technology worldwide. Even business owners that don’t know what the cloud is still know that they should be asking about it because everywhere you turn, you hear about it. Be the Cloud Services Broker your clients are going to ask for if they haven’t already.
  • It’s a more efficient way to make money | Bottom line: the concept of “work an hour, make a dollar” doesn’t scale. As good as it is to get that $20,000 client payment for a new server infrastructure you installed, think about: how hard did you have to work to get it?  What’s your margin on that equipment, maybe even 0%? Compare that to selling a cloud solution, from which you’ll receive income into perpetuity from an incredibly sticky customer.

The cloud and WaaS, in particular, is hot, and yet, not that many MSPs like yours have started offering it to their clients. Don’t be a “Johnny-come-lately” to what is obviously the next big step in IT service provision. Become a Cloud Services Broker today.

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