Cloud Workspace® for Azure

Management Suite for WVD Digital Workspaces in Microsoft Azure

No PowerShell Expertise Needed

WVD is complex. CWMS funnels hundreds of deployment options into a few key questions on a familiar web U.I.then builds out a custom environment. With CloudJumper, you are just minutes away from deploying thousands of new WVD VMs. 

WVD to the Power of CloudJumper

The utility of WVD is exponentially enhanced through CWMS’s automation, orchestration and workflow solution to deploy, configure and manage WVD in real-time and at cloud scale. 

Validated by Microsoft

CloudJumper is a recognized Microsoft Preferred Solution Provider for WVD. Our product team worked with Microsoft for two years developing a native Azure solution.

Hybrid Support

Hybrid support to leverage RDS as a complement to VDI deployment in Azure WVD. It removes deployment blockers to adopting WVD today

Save Money

Reduce your Azure spend by leveraging CloudJumper’s exclusive algorithms for live-scaling, workload scheduling, and our patented wake on demand features.

Native WVD Support

Unlike the incumbent VDI giants, we don’t redirect you to a different non-Azure management and control planes. We orchestrate and automate through the power of Azure APIs and our REST API.

Cloud Workspace Management Suite for Azure

CWMS for Azure provides administrators with tools to manage Cloud Workspaces including:

Full application installation scripting & repository environment

Application rights, access & delivery management

System health & performance monitoring


Integrated backup & disaster recovery with native support for Azure snapshots

Best-practice security configurations that restrict session server access to only their required ports via Azure resource groups

Enhanced security with automatically enabled Microsoft anti-malware for Azure