Purpose-built for Azure WVD

A Turnkey Solution to Transform the Vision of WVD into a Reality

WVD is a complex set of PaaS services. CWMS provides a simple UI to remove the need for PowerShell expertise. Gain better operational control with pre-built structured workflows. Reduce risk with consistent outputs from orchestrated functions. Lower Azure spend with intelligent algorithms to consolidate users onto lesser used resources. Manage multiple tenants, or clouds with a single console. Extend operations with our REST API. CWMS is a turnkey solution for WVD administration. 

WVD orchestrated by CloudJumper

Increase effectiveness of business processes with our pre-built Automated Orchestrations and Workflows

Validated by Microsoft

CloudJumper is a recognized Microsoft Preferred Solution Provider for WVD. Our product team worked with Microsoft for two years developing a native Azure solution.

Hybrid Support

Reduce Risk – our flexible UI enables consistent output versus ad-hoc PowerShell scripts

Save Money

Reduce your Azure spend by leveraging CloudJumper’s exclusive algorithms for WVD Live-Scaling, Workload Scheduling, and our Patent-pending Wake on Demand features.

Native WVD Management

CloudJumper is Native WVD – unlike Citrix and VMware, we don’t redirect your management layer to upsell tools and create vendor lock-in. They have proprietary clouds and components within Azure.

Cloud Workspace Management Suite for Azure

CWMS for Azure provides administrators with tools to manage Cloud Workspaces including:

Control Multiple Tenants and Multiple Clouds with a single UI

Deploy in Minutes with our Software and Implementation Services to Guide you

Maximize Business Flexibility with a UI to Change Policies or Workflow Immediately


Integrated Azure Backup for Disaster Recovery with Native Snapshots

Integrates existing Microsoft Best Practice WVD standards into Logical Workflows

Extensible Entity counting for Chargeback and Billback models

CloudJumper has a special remote work solution offer in response to COVID-19 (coronavirus).

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