Cloud Workspace®

Manage Your Windows workspaces (RDS, WVD, VDI) in Azure

Cloud Workspace Combined with Azure

Cloud Workspace for Azure (CWA) simplifies the deployment and ongoing administration tasks for private, secure environments in Azure. Provision, manage and optimize Windows workspaces (RDS, WVD, VDI) in Azure. It’s a complete solution:

  • Leverages Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Supports end user single sign-on, connecting RDS & O365
  • Automatically deploys a dedicated, private Cloud Workspace® platform
  • Extends the Office 365 identity into a fully customized Cloud Workspace
  • Delivers RemoteApp applications
  • Provides you an easy button for Azure management, using our specially designed management portal
  • Provides access to files stored in OneDrive or Azure files
  • Optimizes your Azure spend with automated workload scheduling & wake on demand technology


Cloud Workspace for Azure

Cloud Workspace for Azure provides administrators with tools to manage Cloud Workspaces including:

  • Full application installation scripting & repository environment
  • Manage application rights, access & delivery
  • System health & performance monitoring
  • Integrated backup & disaster recovery with native support for Azure snapshots
  • Best-practice security configurations to limit access to session servers to only required ports via Azure resource groups
  • Enhanced security with automatically enabled Microsoft anti-malware for Azure