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Cloud Workspace® – The Secret To Sticky Customers


No matter how big or small, every MSP is trying to build loyalty with their customers – allow us to help.

As important as it is for your business to get new customers on a regular basis, it’s even more important to ensure they stay your customers. It’s not uncommon for a customer to shop around and try out a few different options before settling on the MSP they’ll stay with for good, which is why that first few months of service is so vital. Do you know how to keep your customers “sticky”?

One way is with the cloud! As a relatively new technology with a seemingly endless number of features, cloud computing solutions for small businesses have become an expected part of today’s IT.

The reality is that in the MSP business, you’re facing thousands of potential competitors; but when it comes to the cloud? You deal with a small fraction of that competition when you pivot your MSP to Cloud Services Provision.

Allow us to help.

CloudJumper is proud to offer MSPs like you our Cloud Workspace® Workspace as a Service (WaaS) cloud solution to help keep your customers sticky. We enjoy a customer retention rate of over 98%, and our average customer has been with us for 6.1 years on month to month agreements. The fact is that any attrition is almost exclusively due to business-related events – going out of business, acquisition by another business, etc.

So how do we keep customers so sticky? By offering both our MSP partners and their End Customers a range of key benefits:

Benefits for You

By the very nature of a WaaS solution, your MSP will enjoy better control and management of your customers’ services, ensuring they’re getting what they need while simultaneously keeping competitors at bay:

  • Simplified Account Management | Once you move your customers’ entire IT environment into the cloud, management of their account becomes much easier for your billing and account receivables personnel, given that the customer now rents everything — other than their data — from you. This makes resolving late and non-payments much easier than in on-premise situations.
  • Environment Control | Traditionally, if your customer is shopping around for a new MSP, you wouldn’t know about it. However, with Cloud Workspace®, an incoming MSP can’t install their monitoring tool on your systems in an attempt to smooth the transition. WaaS gives you total control and visibility over your customers’ services.
  • Easy To Join, Difficult To Leave | Beyond all the benefits a WaaS solution offers, the work and costs involved with transitioning to an on-premise alternative — purchasing new hardware, installing and configuring the network, migrating data, etc. — just isn’t worth it for your customers.

Benefits for Your End Customer

  • Operational vs. Capital | Many of the upfront costs of implementing an on-premise IT environment are budgeted as Capital Expenses, which are invested upfront and only see a gradual return over time. Comparatively, WaaS solutions are an Operating Expense, which are much more easily budgeted because they gain a measurable return month by month as they pay for it, making for an undeniably effective Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Granular Scalability | Whether your customer needs to add a new employee or a new department, our WaaS solution makes it easy to add resources — desktops, Line of Business apps, etc. — as needed to fit the changing needs of their business.
  • Comprehensive Accessibility | With their data in the cloud, your customers can access their work from home, on the go and even on vacation without having to drag their work PC around with them. Put simply – once they see how easy it is, your customers will get addicted to this kind of convenience.

Beyond all the benefits we’ve covered so far, Cloud Workspace® offers a key bonus for both you and your customers: reduced inflection points.

With an on-premise solution, every time that hardware or software reaches end of life, it’s another opportunity for your customer to consider a different solution or another MSP. As you get closer to a hardware refresh, your customers may start looking for free trials and promotions to try out a competitor’s service.

On the customer side, this is all just a further disruption to their business. Every few years they have to get their hardware replaced, which takes time and money, which they’d rather devote to their actual business.

Cloud Workspace® solves both these problems by eliminating the need for on-premise projects, which means fewer opportunities for your customers to consider the competition and less interruption to their business in general.

Keep your clients sticky – reach out to CloudJumper, the industry-leading cloud computing solutions provider, right away by calling or (844) 645-6789 to get started with our Cloud Workspace® solution.


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