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CloudJumper is launching a Competitive Replacement Program – get three FREE months with our cloud workspace by switching from a competitor’s today.

The cloud is everywhere. That’s not a tagline or a marketing ploy – it’s just a fact. Especially over the past few years, cloud workspace solutions have rapidly taken over both the private and professional worlds, offering end users the freedom to access their data when, where and how they want to.

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That’s exactly why you’ve chosen to invest in a cloud workspace solution for your end users – it was the right choice, given where the industry is heading. However, we think you may have gone with the wrong partner, but don’t worry – we will help you fix that mistake, and it won’t be as much work or cost as much as you may think.

The CloudJumper team of cloud workspace experts is proud to announce the launch of our Competitive Replacement Program. How does it work? We are offering three months of free service to any MSP that switches to our cloud workspace solution and services from another Workspace as a Service (WaaS) vendor:

  • ITopia
  • OS33
  • Cloud9
  • Amazon Workspace
  • CloudRunner
  • Others

Please note: in order to qualify for this Competitive Replacement Program and the free three months of service, you will need to produce proof in the form of a one-year contract and current invoice from the competitor.

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Cloud Workspace As A Service Is The Perfect Cloud Desktop Solution For Your Busy Clients

Aside from three months of free service, what does our cloud workspace solution offer?

CloudJumper provides truly innovative solutions to help our partners in the MSP community achieve new advantages over their competition. Our industry-leading WaaS solution, Cloud Workspace® is a turn-key cloud workspace solution that will help you grow your business in the cloud.

Cloud Workspace® brings the workspace into the cloud, giving your customers access to their desktops, apps, email and data from all their devices – computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone – anywhere business may be conducted.

Since the beginning, CloudJumper has invested heavily in our cloud workspace solution, building a secure, robust offering that provides anywhere access to your end customers’ desktops along with 2500+ apps.

As great as Cloud Workspace® is for your customers, it’s just as beneficial to you, the MSP. This solution has unbeatable pricing margins, robust support capability, and flexible marketing options you won’t find anywhere else. Our solution is so simple to grow into your business, with:

  • Disruptive Pricing & Great Margins | Our team’s considerable experience in the cloud industry has allowed us to precisely value our service for maximum cost-effect, leaving a great margin for you as you bring it to your customers.
  • my.CloudJumper | This cloud management tool now comes complete with a robust Customer Management Module to bring your new users to the cloud faster than ever before. A key feature of the Customer Management Module is JumpStart, a fully automated customer migration application that has been designed from the ground up to transition new customers to our cloud workspace solution by scanning the customer’s IT environment, mirroring their landscape data, and provisioning new WaaS account.
  • High Volume Provisioning | Our platform allows for seamless and speedy on-boarding, helping both you and your customers to save time and money when switching to our WaaS solution.
  • Sales, Engineering & Marketing Support | Once you’ve made the choice to sell our Cloud Workspace® solution, we don’t leave you holding the bag. From predeveloped marketing collateral to ongoing support from our expert engineers, CloudJumper is here to help.
  • Branding Flexibility | How you position your WaaS solution is up to you, with the freedom to use the CloudJumper name, or alternatively, white label and co-branding options.

Why Choose CloudJumper As Your Cloud Desktop Partner?

Notice…we didn’t say cloud desktop provider!

In the end, why should you choose our cloud workspace solution over the competition?

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Put simply, we’ve been at this longer than almost anyone else. For 16 years now we’ve been developing our WaaS solution and testing it with the likes of Microsoft, Google, and Intuit, meaning that, as our partner in cloud technology, you don’t just get our WaaS solution; you get the industry-leading expertise and experience that comes with it.

At the end of the day, you need to be critical of many newly created cloud service providers coming to your local area, vying for your business. If they don’t measure up, then don’t bother with them. And, with our competitive replacement program, you now have a new incentive to infiltrate their base.

Don’t hesitate – take advantage of our Competitive Replacement Program and get the cloud workspace you’ve been looking for today. Contact us right away: or (844) 645-6789 to get started. Follow us on social media: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn.

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