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Finding The Right Cloud Workspace Partner In A Cloud-First World


In an industry that’s continually shifting more and more toward the cloud, it’s more important than ever for you to find a cloud workspace partner to help your MSP equip new and old customers alike with an unbeatable solution. 

We’ve talked about how both the business and consumer world are moving steadily toward a cloud-centric culture – if that hasn’t happened already. It’ll depend on who you talk to, but short of those living under a rock, the writing on the wall is easy to read. This is a cloud-first world, and if your MSP wants to survive — let alone thrive — for years to come, you need the right cloud workspace partner.

However, that’s easier said than done. As more and more end-users seek out cloud experts and cloud solutions, more and more businesses hop on the band wagon, hoping to make a quick buck with basic, run-of-the-mill cloud workspace services. How can you separate the wheat from the chaff? It’s all about knowing what to look for.

The right cloud workspace partner should…

Help you make money.
A cloud workspace partner worth their salt should understand that they’re partnering with MSPs like you, not just funneling you into the next tier of their pyramid scheme. We’re proud to say that CloudJumper has been in the industry long enough to understand how to effectively price our service in such a way that offers our partners a lucrative profit margin, without overcharging your end users.

Help you make sales.
As a cloud workspace partner to numerous businesses across the country, we’ve made sure to develop extensive support options to augment our Workspace as a Service (WaaS) solution to help our partners with sales and marketing, including upfront product and sales training, as well as flexible branding options, from white-label to co-branding and more.

Provide a reliable, robust and effective solution.
The bottom line is that Cloud Workspace® works well and is highly stable.  We know how to build a stable product because we have been doing it for so long. Many in the industry are just starting to go down paths that we explored years ago while today we continue to improve our services with more than a decade’s head start.

Provide comprehensive back-end support.
We’ve developed our very own, in-house built partner portal, my.CloudJumper for MSPs like you. This industry-leading solution is designed to support you as you build your customers’ businesses in the cloud from beginning to end, with a flexible, tailored experience that can be scaled to suit your needs as an MSP.

my.CloudJumper provides our partners in cloud workspace services with complete visibility into their respective client accounts, offering a range of vital features that include quoting, billing and finance, additional support capabilities, and an easy-to-use dashboard that puts everything in one place.

Ensure that you and your end users are secure.
CloudJumper takes security seriously. In addition to storing our partners’ files, applications and other data in world-class data centers, we also follow proven best practices to ensure that our many clients are kept safe. For example – remember the worldwide Wanna Cry incident earlier this year? As per our regular maintenance practices, we had patched the vulnerability in question long before Wanna Cry hit, which meant that as thousands of organizations around the world reeled from the attack, each and every one of our MSP partners and their many end users were 100% protected long before it even started.

Offer an infallible reputation.
The CloudJumper team is proud to have been at this longer than almost anyone else. For 16 years now we’ve been developing our WaaS solution and testing it with the likes of Microsoft, Google and Intuit, meaning that, as our partner in cloud workspace technology, you don’t just get our WaaS solution; you get the industry-leading expertise and experience that comes with it.

Help you build your business.
Since the beginning, CloudJumper has invested heavily in what we do, building a robust infrastructure to support the 2200+ apps we deliver, developing our capability for third-party patching, Active Directory, remote monitoring and management, provisioning from IIT, and much more.

Never stop working to improve service quality.
Have you heard about JumpStart yet? This 100% in-house built, one of a kind solution is what MSPs, Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), Telcos and other IT industry members like you have been looking for to help smooth the cloud onboarding process.

Our JumpStart solution has been designed from the ground up to transition new customers to Cloud Workspace® by scanning the customer’s IT environment, mirroring their landscape data, and provisioning new WaaS accounts, simple as that.

At the end of the day, you need to be critical of the dozens of potential cloud workspace partners in your local area that are vying for your business. If they don’t measure up, then don’t bother with them. By doing your homework and holding out for the right cloud-first match — a cloud workspace partner like CloudJumper — you’ll soon experience firsthand the extensive benefits that a robust and effective cloud solution will offer your MSP.

Reach out to our team right away to learn why we’re the cloud workspace partner you’ve been looking for: or (844) 645-6789. Follow us on social media: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn.

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