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CloudJumper At Microsoft Inspire – “Productive” Is An Understatement


The CloudJumper team is energized by our experience at Microsoft Inspire 2018 – we made so many new connections, spread the word about what Cloud Workspace® Management Suite can do with Azure, and more!


The CloudJumper team and I have just recently returned from Microsoft Inspire, one of the biggest partner conferences worldwide. How did it go? In a nutshell, we’re all very happy, and so very tired.

Microsoft Inspire ran from July 15 – 19 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center and T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV. The team and I spent a very busy, very productive four days talking about what CloudJumper has to offer.

While we have long attended the Microsoft partner conference, this year one of our primary goals was to promote how Cloud Workspace® Management Suite is fully compatible with Azure. This was clearly the right place to spread the word – over the course of the 4-day event, countless Microsoft personnel stopped by our booth to chat about the capabilities that our solution offers for task automation in Azure.

The highlight of our time in Vegas was our CTO, Drew Walz’s presentation, “Remote Desktop Services (RDS): Partner business opportunities hosting Windows desktops and applications on Microsoft Azure.” Drew spoke to a packed venue (standing room only) about how Cloud Workspace® Management Suite for Azure seamlessly and automatically deploys Remote Desktop (RDS) and application workloads, manages the environment post-implementation (everything from VM Resources to User application entitlement) and seamlessly connects to the users Microsoft Office 365 identities.

He got to demonstrate how this solution simplifies system access by letting users pass their Active Directory Domain Services credentials throughout the platform, allowing for simple and secure single sign-on and a more convenient user experience. No matter how requirements change, this solution manages each and every layer of the administrator’s technology stack and server resources with dynamic resource adjustment.

Of course, he also shared that cost management becomes a much simpler process thanks to our multiple patents and abilities for on-demand scale up and scale out. He also covered our newest patent-pending technology of putting entire RDS workloads to “sleep” and only “waking up” what is needed on demand. CloudJumper vastly reduces cloud resource costs when compared to convention models of IT service delivery. This Azure-based service offers complete usage visibility for the provider, which in turn supports increased levels of business mobility and agility for those who use it.

At the conference, Microsoft shared that RDS workloads are the single fastest growing consumer of resources in Azure, and so, to put it lightly, the many capabilities offered by Cloud Workspace® Management Suite went over well with the attendees at Microsoft Inspire.

Before, during and after Drew’s presentation, the CloudJumper team met with countless new and long-term partners and industry members who were interested in what we offer. We had productive talks with many of our partners doing great work, from Pax8 and FSLogix to Swizznet and Continuum.

The conference, being a worldwide partner event, was also a great opportunity for the CloudJumper team to get in touch with others in the industry from around the world.  There were even three MSPs that hurried back so quickly after Drew’s presentation that they made it to our booth before we did.

For those three individuals, it was all about how we could help them migrate large-scale workloads from Citrix to RDS in Azure – as one of them put it, “You had me at automated migration.” For so many out there, migration is still a tedious, drawn-out experience, especially when it comes to moving thousands of users and their data from one platform in the cloud to another. We were happy to show them how that no longer had to be the case.

In another case, one of the attendees at Microsoft Inspire had learned to do everything manually as a one-man team – when he learned about Cloud Workspace® Management Suite, he began considering how he needed to change his entire company model. If he could remove steps or even entire processes from his daily work, that would revolutionize everything he does.

Overall, the time spent at Microsoft Inspire speaking to others in the industry and seeing how intriguing our service offering is only served to cement our belief that we are the largest — and in many ways, the only — provider of this type of service right now.

As you can imagine, the team and I are rather exhausted now that we’re back, but we couldn’t be happier with the experience. We met everyone we hoped to, made a huge impact on those in attendance, and reached so many more potential partners.

We have always been proud to work with and, in turn, benefit from Microsoft’s support – as far as we’re concerned, Microsoft Inspire was a huge success for CloudJumper this year, and we can’t wait to see what kind of news we’ll bring to attendees in 2019.

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