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CloudJumper Joins Microsoft DCO Program as an Affiliated Service Provider


Last fall, Microsoft named CloudJumper a “leading partner” in the deployment of Windows Virtual Desktop. We are once again expanding our partnership with Microsoft by being included in its DCO program.  In both cases, these are wins for our partner network.
• We will be among the first companies ready to allow our partners to bring customers to WVD.
• As a DCO affiliate partner, we have a special offer for our partners joining the Microsoft DCO program.

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Recently, CloudJumper joined the Microsoft Data Center Optimization (DCO) program as an Azure related service provider. The Microsoft DCO Program supports its partners on their journey to Azure. At a high level, the Microsoft team works with its partners who have a data center practice today by providing them with reduced data center costs for moving workloads into the Azure global infrastructure. Many of these partners are MSPs with legacy hosting offerings that need intensive capital investments to remain competitive. Microsoft benefits these partners by allowing them to reduce costs while gaining business agility for their offerings using current technologies.

Microsoft partners going through this infrastructure transition can see numerous business opportunities from Azure related services. As one such related service, CloudJumper supports these Microsoft partners – many of whom already partner with CloudJumper – by working with Microsoft to orchestrate Cloud Workspaces® on Azure, enabling partners to deliver cloud solutions at scale.

With customized adaptation to Microsoft Azure, IT solution providers benefit from significant operational efficiencies, simplified management and auto-scaling, allowing on-demand expansion or contraction of services rendered. Leveraging CloudJumper’s powerful cloud platform, administrators have the ability to unify management and centralize oversight of their desktop and application infrastructure, significantly reducing management complexity.

As part of this program, CloudJumper has created a special offer for Microsoft DCO partners to help them deploy Cloud Workspaces in Azure. We are providing partners 100 free Cloud Workspace® Management Suite for Azure licenses, plus 50% off additional licenses for the duration of the DCO program.

So much of our focus in 2019 is about Microsoft, both Azure and Windows Virtual Desktop. We have invested heavily in both products, and we have seen the fruits of those labors. Not unlike we have so many other times in our long history of working with Microsoft.

No doubt, you will see us on the road this year as we are planning to attend numerous trade shows over the coming months, including several Microsoft events. But, don’t wait to see us on the road, we can help you deploy in Azure today, and soon Windows Virtual Desktop.

Want to learn more about the DCO program and how CloudJumper can help you move your workloads to Azure? Get in touch with us today at or 844.645.6789 to get started. Follow us on social media: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn.

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