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Our Cloud Workspace Is Proclaimed “Cool” – Two Years Running


The CloudJumper team is so excited to have been included in Gartner’s Cool Vendor report for the second year in a row! Just what makes us so cool, you may ask? Read on to find out.

Listen, we know, just like everyone else, it’s not all that cool to actually talk about how cool you are. We prefer to focus on our work – providing cloud workspace solutions to our partners and their end customers. However, the fact is that when someone like Gartner speaks up and calls you cool, not just once, but twice, you get to take the opportunity to explore why.

This year, we were named in the “Where Are They Now?” section of the 2018 Gartner Cool Vendors in Unified Workspaces report, written by Gartner analysts Manjunath Bhat, Federica Troni, and Nathan Hill. We’re so honored to be part of this list – especially given that so many of the businesses we think are cool have made this list over time. It’s fun company to be part of.

A Nice Surprise – Two Years in a Row!

Here’s the thing: when we were named a Cool Vendor last year, we had no idea we were even in the running! After all, isn’t that what they say? Those who are actually cool, don’t know they are?

However, to then find out this year that yet again we’ve been included in the report? We’re absolutely blown away! It does make sense when you read the report though  – according to Gartner when referring to those who made the 2017 list:

“Vendors in the unified workspaces market can help organizations provision applications and data across multiple devices in a user-centric manner. I&O leaders responsible for mobile and endpoint strategies should identify innovative products that will help realize their unified workspaces vision.”

Being recognized for our continued innovation in our chosen field is an undeniably huge honor for the whole CloudJumper team. We’re proud of what we do, and we’re glad that it shows in our industry.  Yet what makes us prouder is the appreciation we get from our partners as they watch their bottom lines grow thanks to our solutions and our support.

A Very “Cool” Year

If there were ever a year to call us cool (especially for a second time), it would be this one. In 2017, sales of our Cloud Workspace® service increased compared to the previous year by more than 200%! That’s thanks to our expanded sales channel which grew 100% in 2017 to serve partners like your MSP who migrated their office environments – and their end customers’ office environments – to the cloud.

Furthermore, we also recently acquired fellow cloud workspace provider  IndependenceIT. By combining their technology with ours, we gained the capability to offer Cloud Workspace® Management Suite (CWMS). In a nutshell, CWMS is the software that we use to manage our partners’ end customers’ instances of Cloud Workspace®, but it also can be used by businesses to manage their own Workspace as a Service solutions, as well as by companies who have built and now manage their own end user computing environment; it allows them to manage all the layers in the technology stack.

Innovation – Year After Year

A key aspect that Gartner looks for in their Cool Vendors is innovation – who is disrupting the market, and who is offering something that beats all alternatives?

In that regard, we’ve been working hard to help partners and their end customers transition from Citrix solutions that are reaching end of life, over to our superior cloud solution, all thanks to our Cloud Resource App (CRA). This solution ensures a simple migration from Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop to a Cloud Workspace environment, or from CPSM (Cloud Portal Services Manager) to our Cloud Workspace Management Suite.

Using CRA, the migration to Cloud Workspace and CWMS is as simple as copying-pasting your company information – the whole process should take around an hour to complete, at most. CRA does all the heavy lifting for you: it assesses your existing Citrix environment, overlays CWMS and generates Cloud Workspaces for all end users.

Of course, looking at the big picture, let’s not forget how long we’ve been – dare I say – cool.  Our team has been working with the industry’s largest players for more than 18 years in the development of our Cloud Workspace offering.  It is the most complete and robust unified workspaces solution available.

For more information about our Cool Vendor status and the range of cloud workspace solutions that have earned us the title for the second year in a row, get in touch with the CloudJumper team right away by contacting us at or (844) 645-6789. Follow us on social media: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

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