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CloudJumper Delivers Best Application Experience in Windows Virtual Desktop and Azure With NVIDIA GPUs


LAS VEGAS, NV – (July 15, 2019) – Today at the 2019 Microsoft Inspire partner conference, CloudJumper, a Microsoft named leading partner[1] for Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD),announced a high-throughput, NVIDIA GPU-based solution that uses NV-Series Machines with WVD in Azure under the management of Cloud Workspace® for Azure, a complete cloud-based platform for cloud desktop and application enablement.

The high-throughput solution will help administrators extend the power of virtual server or client-based applications and workloads leveraging NVIDIA GPUs for unbeatable performance. It can be used to power everything from data-intensive applications and graphic workloads to general Windows applications using the technology with WVD, Azure and Azure Government.

The platform provides an automated framework to orchestrate WVD deployments to deliver a multi-user Windows 10 experience that includes compatibility with Microsoft Store and existing Windows line-of-business applications for tackling any business challenge. WVD administrators retain complete control, security and auditability for compliance through an intuitive browser-based management system that reduces support costs, increases service quality and improves responsiveness.

With CloudJumper and NVIDIA, Microsoft Azure gives administrators the on-demand flexibility to run virtual desktops on NV-Series instances powered by NVIDIA GPUs to address any performance challenge. The combination delivers a native desktop experience in WVD, supporting any application, whether Adobe Photoshop, CAD/CAM or professional 3D applications, for exceptional results.

NVIDIA NV-Series Machines leverage virtual GPUs, which provide a superior user experience and support both compute and graphics workloads. The solution provides consistent performance with guaranteed quality of service in the cloud. NV-Series Machines provide the industry’s highest user density with support for up to 32 virtual desktops per GPU and lower TCO with up to 8 vGPU profiles for the flexibility to provision resources to match user requirements.

“Our alignment with NVIDIA allows users to enjoy a utility-based option capable of addressing more intense workloads, which historically have not been suitable for the cloud,” said Frank Anderson, Field CTO, CloudJumper. “This further positions CloudJumper and its modern deployment platform at the forefront of the category as WVD makes its way to the market.”

“We’re committed to providing customers the ability to deliver the best application experience for Windows, whether they use Windows Virtual Desktop, Azure, or a hybrid model with their own private cloud,” said John Fanelli, Vice President of Product, NVIDIA. “NV-Series Machines harness the power of GPU-accelerated systems to provide a better overall experience and a true end-to-end solution for administrators.”

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[1] Microsoft Blog, Microsoft 365 adds modern desktop on Azure, September 28, 2018,

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