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CloudJumper Enhances Cloud Workspace for Azure with Windows 10 VDI Multi-User Option


GARNER, NC – (April 24, 2019) – CloudJumper, a Microsoft named leading partner[1] for Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), today announced the enhancement of Cloud Workspace® for Azure with the Windows 10 VDI Option. With the new capability, customers can now deploy VDI solutions with the Windows 10 OS in Azure using the Cloud Workspace® Management Suite. In addition, customers already using RDS solutions can prepare for Windows Virtual Desktops ahead of its general availability.

With the Windows 10 VDI option there are several advantages for customers, starting with the infrastructure-free deployment of the solution. Businesses that deploy the Windows 10 VDI option will not be required to install, manage and maintain hardware or software as the operating system will be hosted in Azure. Additionally, users will gain full access to the comprehensive security and data protection capabilities available to all Cloud Workspace users and will benefit from a better overall user experience with greater access to applications, improved hardware integration and better control over desktop infrastructure. Finally, as a cloud-native product, customers will have the ability to scale their Windows 10 VDI environment on-demand.

As CloudJumper is one of the leading Microsoft partners in the Windows Virtual Desktop ecosystem, the Windows 10 VDI option will extend seamlessly to both Cloud Workspace deployments in Azure and Windows Virtual Desktop services. When generally available, CloudJumper customers that deploy Windows Virtual Desktop can enjoy a single or multi-user Windows 10 experience, including compatibility with the Microsoft Store and existing Windows line-of-business applications. CloudJumper allows for the virtualization of Office 365 ProPlus running in multi-user virtual scenarios and will offer strong security, data loss prevention and integrated management natively built in.

“CloudJumper’s deep partnership with Microsoft allows for the delivery of Windows 10 VDI-based desktops or complete workspaces in Azure,” said Max Pruger, chief revenue officer, CloudJumper. “For partners, this will spur demand from customers already comfortable with the Windows 10 OS and deliver greater capabilities at scale.”

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[1]Microsoft, Microsoft 365 Adds Modern Desktop on Azure, March 14, 2019:

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