CloudJumper Enters Emerging Workspace as a Service Market with Industry’s First Concurrent User License Model for Cloud Apps/Desktops

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nGenx Spin-out Targets Strategic Service Providers (SSPs) and Cloud-Forward Businesses in High-Growth WaaS Space

CHICAGO, IL – (May 3, 2016) – CloudJumper, a workspace as a service (WaaS) platform innovator for agile business IT, today launched corporate operations with the introduction of its hosted workspace offering, CloudJumper nWorkSpace and the WaaS industry’s most flexible and affordable licensing model. The CloudJumper concurrent user licensing model for hosted workspaces is the first of its kind and extends the technology in a way that scales to better meet customer requirements.

CloudJumper today introduced nWorkSpace, its fully packaged WaaS platform, including software, infrastructure, services, and support for a highly automated, yet customized user experience. The nWorkSpace WaaS platform offers partners and customers a choice of licensing models for greater flexibility and lower costs, including named user and concurrent user licensing options. The channel-centric solution enables the strategic service providers (SSPs) interested in delivering cloud-based desktop and application delivery services to benefit from the easy and cost-efficient nWorkSpace platform.

According to Jeffrey Kaplan, managing director of THINKstrategies and founder of the Cloud Computing Showplace, “A growing number of organizations are adopting cloud solutions to support their changing business needs. CloudJumper is in a good position to capitalize on this trend because of its track record of success in the WaaS marketplace.”

The CloudJumper concurrent user model has been formulated for WaaS delivery and differs from a named user model by virtualizing or “floating” a fixed number of licenses across the network as opposed to device-specific license allocation. In this model, a CloudJumper license server administers a pool of licenses to be shared with fees based on the maximum number of devices that can access the platform simultaneously. The number of concurrent licenses determines the number of devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, that can run CloudJumper WaaS concurrently. With the new model, organizations will empower their entire team with only the number of licenses that are expected to be in use at the same time. Service providers benefit from reduced administrative efficiencies and associated cost-reductions.

CloudJumper originates from the personnel and resources from cloud services pioneer nGenx — a spinoff of telecommunications provider, Q-Comm Corp. Now organized as two separately operated entities, CloudJumper’s mission is the enablement of strategic service providers in the delivery of WaaS. A relatively newer channel partner classification, SSPs have grown from cloud computing’s dominance, increased commoditization, global competition, and an increasingly customized list of customer requirements. The SSP model was born out of the convergence of telecoms, ISVs, and MSPs moving into each other’s space, and ultimately the cloud. CloudJumper sees this as a major opportunity for the channel and is allocating resources for first-mover advantage among its peers.

“Managed services have evolved to the point where providers no longer have to deal with the assembly of complex solutions, unwieldy configurations, or a combination where difficulties in management are par for the course,” said JD Helms, president, CloudJumper. “Our organization represents a new era in plug-and-play business IT where ease of operation and an unmatched customer experience scales without limits.”

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About CloudJumper
Founded in 2016, CloudJumper is a workspace as a service (WaaS) platform innovator for the agile business. It launches itself from the platform its sister company, nGenx built over more than 16 years as a cloud pioneer, taking its new Workspace as a Service solution to a greater height with its concurrent user model. Many of the key personnel from nGenx have also made the transition to CloudJumper. CloudJumper built its concurrent WaaS model working with strategic partners such as Microsoft, Intuit, Google, IndependenceIT, Artisan Infrastructure, and others. Head and shoulders above the competition, CloudJumper concurrent WaaS model provides the industry’s most robust cloud desktop and provides a unique cost-savings option that focuses on both named and simultaneous users. CloudJumper markets its solutions through both white label and agency programs supported by the CloudJumper control panel, a single pane-of-glass provisioning system that allows partners and enterprise customers complete control over their IT environments. For more information, visit About CloudJumper.


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