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CloudJumper Joins TAG For 2018 Annual Convention


CloudJumper is proud to be a part of TAG’s Annual Convention three years running, offering it’s many members an ideal way to transition to providing cloud services to their end customers. 

For the third year in a row, CloudJumper took part in the annual Technology Assurance Group (TAG) Convention in San Diego from April 30th to May 2nd. Every year the TAG Convention has a theme, and this year’s was “the customer experience.” The three-day event brought together TAG members from across the country to learn best practices and strategies for enhancing the customer’s experience from keynote speakers that included Dr. Gene Twengy, Shep Hyken, and Jason Young.

TAG is the premier organization in providing robust and invaluable peer and educational support to partners in the IT industry. TAG brings together many successful Managed Technology Services Providers across North America, representing more than $350 million in products and services. Born of a diverse group of representatives of different industries, today’s TAG members bring together and integrate each and every communications solution they work with, from IT to telecommunications, AV to surveillance, and much more.

TAG’s mission is to help members increase their sales and profits via education that allows them to boost their quality of service and care to customers. TAG also helps partners by introducing them to new technology entering the marketplace – such as CloudJumper – all by leveraging their combined intellect and purchasing power.

Breakout sessions at the TAG Convention gave attendees the chance to think more carefully about each and every interaction with the customer, each of which is an opportunity to either improve the experience or give the customer a reason to go to a competitor. We were glad to be a part of these sessions because customer service is such an important part of CloudJumper’s offering, which only helped to connect us with more TAG members looking for a better way to deliver the cloud to their end customers.

The cloud is just one of the new technologies that TAG guides its members to transition to and adopt, ensuring that they can do so capably and profitably. They also provide members with sales training through a unique sales touch point process that differentiates each member from their competition and helps to develop a long-lasting relationship with the customer.

CloudJumper has taken great steps to improve the experience for our partners and their end customers over the past year by developing a seamless onboarding process for those transitioning to our Cloud Workspace®. That’s not to mention our other partner support services, from marketing and sales assistance to high-tier engineering support.

Many TAG members are in the process of transitioning from a strict telecom, voice and data business offering to a fully-fledged managed services offering, of which the cloud is an integral part. Combined with the need for a greater end customer experience, CloudJumper continues to be a popular choice among TAG’s elite membership.

While in our first two years at TAG we focused on explaining how our industry-leading Cloud Workspace® works and the benefits it offers, this year we recognized that TAG partners simply needed to see our solution in action. Testimonies from their own peers at TAG made it clear why our services are the premier choice for those that are transitioning to provide cloud services – instead of explaining it to them ourselves, we let other TAG member partners speak from experience, sharing case studies first hand. It’s a testament to just how effective Cloud Workspace® really is.

Also new this year is our Cloud Workspace Management Suite® (CWMS), which was the perfect option for some of the TAG members that worried about giving up too much control of the cloud environment they deliver to their end customers. Instead of having to go with our complete, turnkey Cloud Workspace® solution, potential new partners can instead transition to CWMS. This gives them all the functionality and capabilities of our flagship Cloud Workspace® solution along with the control and customization – using their own anti-virus solution, handling more sensitive management tasks, etc. – that they need to be truly confident in the cloud services that they provide to their end customers.

Our goal this year is to help our TAG partners each close at least one CloudJumper end customer – a goal we’re getting closer and closer to all the time. Between our comprehensive turnkey Cloud Workspace® solution and our more robust and customizable Cloud Workspace Management Suite®, we’ve got something for everyone.

The CloudJumper team is proud to be a trusted vendor for TAG’s elite membership and look forward to connecting with more TAG members and attending next year’s TAG Convention.

For more information about the unbeatable cloud services that CloudJumper offers to the many industry-leading members of Technology Assurance Group, get in touch with us at (844) 645-6789. Follow us on social media: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn.

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