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CloudJumper Launches JumpStart for Fast Ground to Cloud Customer Onboarding to WaaS


GARNER, NC – (March 28, 2017)CloudJumper, a Workspace as a Service (WaaS) platform innovator for agile business IT, today announced JumpStart, a seamless ground-to-cloud onboarding solution for managed service providers (MSPs), cloud service providers (CSPs), telcos, agents and other IT solution providers that deliver WaaS. The new client onboarding technology grants WaaS providers the ability to provision Cloud Workspace® environments quickly and easily by scanning the customer IT environment, mirroring customer landscape data within the cloud-based workspace, and provisioning new WaaS accounts with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

The JumpStart onboarding solution is integrated with CloudJumper’s my.CloudJumper  partner portal. When new clients are onboarded using JumpStart, data from the client’s physical computing environment is loaded into my.CloudJumper. The solution provides the partner with a seamless end-to-end experience regardless of the size or complexity of the IT environment. The solution provides orchestration of on-premise discovery, price quoting, and the provisioning of complete IT workspaces in the cloud. Until the availability of JumpStart, MSPs and IT solution providers conducted new client onboarding using a limited toolset, requiring hours or days to process. With JumpStart, the ground-to-cloud solution eliminates manual onboarding procedures through automation, saving precious staff time and financial resources.

JumpStart also opens new business opportunities for Cloud Workspace® partners as the solution allows partners to increase their total addressable market (TAM). JumpStart enables remote onboarding where onsite staff at the customer location are no longer required in order to complete and monitor a deployment. The solution’s centralized onboarding technology enables MSPs and other partners that had been focused on limited sales regions to expand operations without the need for additional deployment staff.

Advanced Capabilities in JumpStart Include:

  • Core-to-edge environmental scan of the new WaaS customer IT environment to identify applications and quantify data requirements for the cloud-based workspace.
  • Employee-specific application and data set uploads to replicate the traditional desktop environment.
  • Ability to upload client computing content into the CloudJumper portal, allowing partners to optimize user nodes remotely.
  • Replication of security permissions from the physical IT environment to the WaaS infrastructure to ensure data privacy, and compliance.
  • Thorough automation of all processes for seamless customer onboarding that requires only hours instead of days or weeks.

JumpStart is an exclusive onramp to Cloud Workspace®, CloudJumper’s Workspace as a Service platform which includes all of the software, infrastructure, and services necessary to quickly and easily deliver business-class WaaS. The solution includes a high volume provisioning system for the fast onboarding of customers with a simple management control panel to maintain complete oversight of customer accounts under management. Cloud Workspace® is exceptional in its scalability, permitting customers to scale their services based on current employee count or operational requirements. Finally, the high level of automation allows CloudJumper channel partners to shift their resources from the management of the platform to more important strategic activities such as revenue generation.

“With a growing number of diverse customers across a wide range of industries and locations, leveraging JumpStart to rapidly and accurately onboard new WaaS subscribers will help to control management costs, while simplifying the process for clients,” said Tony Schwartz, president of Halo Information Systems. “A customer with several regional or national locations would traditionally require an onsite contingent to ensure a proper installation. With JumpStart, that burden would be lifted as much of the migration to the cloud would be done remotely through a centralized interface. It is a compelling solution and we expect that JumpStart will be well-received by CloudJumper’s channel.”

“JumpStart takes WaaS deployment speed to the next level with ground-to-cloud deployment acceleration. JumpStart is an important option that extends the value proposition of WaaS to minimize time-intensive onboarding processes,” said Max Pruger, chief sales officer, CloudJumper. “The solution overcomes many of the installation challenges that are commonly found with legacy products which slow time to revenue for the IT solution provider. We invite MSPs, CSPs, ISVs and others that are interested in this fast growing segment of the cloud to learn more about our solution portfolio.”

Pricing and Availability
JumpStart is available free of charge to existing Cloud Workspace® partners and will become generally available in the second quarter of 2017.
To learn more about the CloudJumper Cloud Workspace® or the CloudJumper partner program, please visit
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About CloudJumper
Founded in 2016, CloudJumper is a workspace as a service (WaaS) platform innovator for the agile business. It launches itself from the platform its sister company, nGenx built over more than 16 years as a cloud pioneer, taking its new Workspace as a Service solution to a greater height with its concurrent user model.  Many of the key personnel from nGenx have also made the transition to CloudJumper. CloudJumper built its concurrent WaaS model working with strategic partners such as Microsoft, Intuit, Google, and others. Head and shoulders above the competition, the CloudJumper concurrent WaaS model provides the industry’s most robust cloud desktop and provides a unique cost-savings option that focuses on both named and simultaneous users. CloudJumper markets its solutions through both white label and agency programs supported by the CloudJumper control panel, a single pane-of-glass provisioning system that provides partners with complete control over their IT environments.  For more information, visit About CloudJumper.


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