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CloudJumper Names New COO and CTO


The CloudJumper team is proud to announce Drew Walz as their new Chief Technology Officer, and Michael Walsh as their new Chief Operating Officer.

As proud as I am of the services that CloudJumper provides to thousands of end customers, I understand that it’s only one part of what makes us what we are. The fact is that we would be nothing without the people that make up our team – people like Drew Walz and Michael Walsh.

I’m proud to share that we recently named Drew Walz — previously the director of platform architects — as our new Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and Michael Walsh — previously a member at IndependenceIT — as our Chief Operating Officer (COO). I’m so excited to see how they’ll flourish in their new roles at CloudJumper.

Drew has been with CloudJumper for 16 years now, starting all those years ago as a technical support engineer in the call center. From the beginning, Drew has exhibited a clear love for the technology we work with – it’s because of this passion that he really took to our work. A self-starter with strong motivation, Drew invested in his own education and rose up through our ranks. In doing so, Drew has literally done a little bit of everything in the company as he has matured and grown into the leader he is today.

One of the primary reasons he’s done so well is due to the initiative he showed in becoming a remote desktop delivery expert, something we really needed. Filling a key role in our organization, Drew singlehandedly maintained version 1 and 2 platforms after they were designed, built and deployed. He was instrumental in keeping that system stable and developing as our company grew in our early days. Furthermore, once we moved towards the cloud workspace suite delivery market, Drew really sank himself into the work and helped to build out what we now offer today.

At the time of the IIT acquisition time, it just made sense to bring Drew into the Chief Technology Officer role. What this means is that Drew is going from managing and building the architecture (no small feat, with more than 20,000 active users involved) to the software development, continued platform and architecture development, the VMware orchestration and more – all of it falls under Drew’s purview, and he’s done an outstanding job.

This is all in addition to the fact that Drew is a seasoned presenter at industry events, and will soon join the roster of presenters at Inspire with Microsoft to talk about the work that we’ve done. This is all to say that while his technical chops are a given, it’s his ability to work with individuals as well that makes him so singular in his commitment to the job.

Whereas Drew has been with CloudJumper for years, Michael only recently joined us after our acquisition of IIT. In acquiring their business, the goal was to bring in the talent and technical capability from their team to augment ours – Michael Walsh is the perfect example of that.

While he was their COO for nearly two years, Michael did a little bit of everything. It’s that idea in smaller, passionate startups, where “nothing is not your job”. Michael embodies that – it was this type of work environment that allowed Michael to learn a lot about the industry he was a part of.

Before IIT, Michael held the position of Chief Information Officer (CIO) for OmniEarth and also served as vice president of product management for IRISmaps and Envista. He also served in the role of director of information technology for AppIQ early in his career.

When we completed the acquisition of IIT, we were very impressed with the work Michael had done previously to drive the product side, as well as streamline the operation systems that were in place that he inherited. When he came on board, we brought all of our operational and development team members together to review the roadmap and really figure out where we were trying to go. While Michael and I had had opportunities to talk several times previously, it really at that event where we were able to talk about what the future looked like and take stock.

What became clear was that, in order to move the company forward, we really needed a senior leader in our operations; although Michael has done a lot of development and product work for really large companies, it was his penchant for leadership that would really help us get to where we wanted to go.

Michael is undeniably astute and was very quickly able to pick out the same pain points in our operation that we had already previously identified and were working to overcome. In his role as COO, Michael will take ownership of those items methodically, via a carefully drawn and followed plan.

While that may give you an idea of what will make Drew and Michael so effective in their new roles here, they are so much more than how they appear on paper. They are highly qualified, constantly growing, and more than prepared to help their team members at CloudJumper realize the future we’re working towards.

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