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CloudJumper Unveils Cloud Workspace for Azure at Microsoft Inspire 2018


LAS VEGAS, NV – (July 16, 2018)CloudJumper, a leading Workspace as a Service (WaaS) platform innovator for agile business IT, today announced Cloud Workspace® for Azure at the 2018 Microsoft Inspire conference, this week in Las Vegas. The enhanced platform integrates the Cloud Workspace® Management Suite with Microsoft’s Remote Desktop modern infrastructure (RDmi) for increased visibility into the user’s Azure, Office365 and Cloud Workspace experience.

Formerly known as the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Inspire is Microsoft’s largest partner event, bringing together more than 16,000 members of the Microsoft community from around the globe to the Mandalay Bay Convention Center and T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV this month. At the event, CloudJumper will unveil its Cloud Workspace solution for Azure in booth #603 to support cloud-forward organizations.

An important topic at the conference will be the traction that Azure has enjoyed in 2018. According to Forbes Magazine, Microsoft’s Azure Q1 revenue soared 93% for better-than-expected growth that is directly attributable to a customer-centric vision. Drew Walz, CTO of CloudJumper will touch on the advantages of Cloud Workspace for Azure during a presentation titled “Remote Desktop Services (RDS): Partner business opportunities hosting Windows desktops and applications on Microsoft Azure” which takes place Wednesday, July 18th at 2:30 pm in Room 28, Oceanside Ballroom G at the venue.

The Cloud Workspace® Management Suite for Azure seamlessly and automatically deploys IT application workloads, eliminating the need to host components outside of Azure’s Compute environment. To simplify system access, the solution allows users to pass their Active Directory Domain Services credentials throughout the platform, using single sign-on to access applications based on user-defined policies for a better overall experience. The user-friendly updates for desktop services in Azure will manage every layer of the administrator’s technology stack, as well as server resources with dynamic resource adjustment as requirements change. The solution also integrates billing into the administrator’s interface to streamline client management and simplify administration.

The CloudJumper solution is a highly functional Windows application delivery system to power cloud-enabled business-class applications and data delivery. CloudJumper’s new Azure Web Application with HTML 5 integration eliminates the need for a separate broker infrastructure, helping with economies of scale and tying access points back to a single location. The uncoupled broker infrastructure also allows service providers to use the solution in a multi-tenant environment.

In conjunction with RDmi, the Azure-based service provides complete usage visibility for the provider, enabling higher levels of business mobility and agility for customers while reducing the time, resource, and management requirements typically required for IT management. The CloudJumper solution redefines oversight and management with 24x7x365 monitoring, on-demand service scaling, while providing a significant reduction in the IT hardware, software, and management costs of traditional IT. Cloud Workspace for Azure also allows IT administrators to convert on-premise Citrix workloads to RDmi, enabling a smooth migration to Azure.

“The Cloud Workspace Management Suite for Azure features advanced levels of automation for the deployment of virtual desktops, applications, and complete cloud workspaces within Azure,” stated Drew Walz, Chief Technology Officer for CloudJumper. “As we continue to develop tight integration with Microsoft’s RDmi technology, our ability to improve efficiency and performance even further will grow substantially.”

Cloud Workspace for Azure Partner Opportunities
Cloud Workspace for Azure is designed for the channel to grow cloud revenues by supporting administrators in simplifying the provisioning and management of Cloud Workspace deployments, while at the same time lowering TCO through dynamic resource scaling. Learn more about partnership opportunities with CloudJumper at

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