Cloud Workspace®

The Ultimate Turnkey Cloud Workspace Platform | Ready to Go to Market

Bringing WaaS to Your End Users

Managed Platform is a turnkey service that runs your Cloud Workspace environment… from app installation and Office 365 integration to anti-virus, backup, Active Directory and more. We support deployments in Azure, GCP, AWS and Private Cloud.  Use our Our simple, lightning fast migration solutions to convert your end users into the cloud quickly and easily.

You Stay in Control. Use our single-pain-of-glass portal, my.CloudJumper, for deploying and managing your end users. It keeps you in control of all users, security settings, groups and servers. You also use it to track tickets, review invoices and check performance metrics.


ResponsibilitiesCloud Workspace® + Managed Platform

A Turnkey Cloud Workspace Solution Ready to Go to Market

We Manage & Maintain
Infrastructure | OS/RDS Licensing | VM Deployment | Backups | Anti-Virus | Active Directory | Application Installation (2500+ Apps) | Tier 2+ Support
We Provide the Tools, our partner portal, for deploying, managing and overseeing your users, groups, folders, servers, applications, and monitoring
You Stay Focused on
Tier 1 Support | Application updates | Local Device Management | Cloud Migrations