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Coming Soon to a Cloud Desktop Near You: Windows Virtual Desktop


A few weeks ago, Scott Manchester, group manager at Microsoft, tweeted that Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) was “feature complete…and moving to the final phase.” Microsoft has been developing WVD for more than two years – it’s been described as “the future of desktop deployment” and “the best virtualization experience.” Although a date hasn’t been set for the GA release, it’s anticipated to be soon.

With Microsoft Ignite just two months away and the GA for WVD right around the corner, we figured now would be a good time for a WVD primer and a refresher for those who are in the know.

So, What Exactly is WVD?
Straight out of the mouth of Microsoft: Windows Virtual Desktop is a comprehensive desktop and app virtualization service running on the cloud. It is the only service that delivers simplified management, multi-session Windows 10, optimizations for Office 365 ProPlus, and support for Remote Desktop Services environments. With Windows Virtual Desktop, you can deploy and scale your Windows desktops and apps on Azure in minutes, with built-in security and compliance.

What does WVD Mean for You as a User or IT Pro?
Of Course, You Get All the Benefits of Traditional RDS, Deployed in Azure:

Security | WVD is a very controlled environment, with the built-in security and compliance features that Azure is known for. And, since files aren’t stored on a physical computer, administrators have more control; viruses can’t be downloaded from the internet and sensitive files can’t be downloaded onto thumb drives. Also, if a user’s system crashes, it can easily and quickly be fully restored.
Accessibility | With an internet connection, you can access your workspace anywhere, anytime, from any machine. You don’t have to be sitting in an office, connected to a LAN, and you’re not limited to one device. As long as you are connected to the internet, all of your files and apps are sitting right where you are.
Ease of Use | WVD allows administrators to create app groups, assign users and publish resources. Users have a “single identity” – one username and password to access everything contained in the workspace.
Lower IT Costs | There’s no more costly infrastructure to manage. Also, since apps run from the cloud, hardware can be smaller and simpler, reducing cost and IT manpower. All application patches and upgrades are done on a single host, rather than each user’s individual machine, saving time and resources.
Backed by the Power of Azure | WVD runs on Azure, which means it’s agile. WVD can be scaled and deployed in minutes.

But What’s the Real Cool Behind WVD?

Windows 10 OS | WVD is the only multi-session, full Windows 10 desktop virtualized in the cloud that’s highly scalable, always up to date and available on any device. Don’t be fooled by others providing a Windows 10 like environment. That’s NOT WVD!
Microsoft Office 365 | WVD Delivers an Office 365 ProPlus experience in a multi-session virtual desktop.
Windows 7 | If you won’t be ready to leave Windows 7 behind next January when Microsoft ends security updates, WVD includes three additional years of Extended Security Updates for Windows 7 virtual desktops. That alone is enough reason to deploy in WVD.

How Does CloudJumper Interact with WVD?

CloudJumper has been excited to work with Microsoft as a preferred solution on this revolutionary solution. You can think of us as the easy button for WVD and Azure. It would take an incredible amount of time, skill and resources to manage all of the technology layers and the associated software yourself. CloudJumper’s Cloud Workspace® Management Suite does that for you – it manages the entire WVD environment. This includes servers, data backup, Active Directory, anti-virus and more. We make it easy both to deploy and manage your WVD environment. Through CloudJumper’s sleek and simple interface, administrators (typically your tier I team members) can create and customize host pools, create app groups, add users, deploy remote apps and more. You can see our interface at work in this video. By some estimates, we are nothing less than mandatory when deploying WVD!

At CloudJumper, we’ve been working hard to simplifying and optimizing the Windows Virtual Desktop experience for our customers. But it’s in our DNA! As a team, we have been developing cloud workspace solutions for almost 20 years. Now, we’re incredibly excited for this next generation of cloud computing.

Ignite 2019 takes place November 4-8 in Orlando. We know that WVD will be front and center, with hands-on sessions, breakouts on productivity and collaboration and a real-word look into WVD. We can’t wait to see you there! Come see us in booth 2041.

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