About Us

Built in the Cloud for the Cloud

Our Creativity & Can-Do Thinking Has Always Been Our Backbone

In our earliest days, we had so little choice but to be creative as we set out build solutions that didn’t yet exist. That stays with us even 20 years later. Today, our solutions STILL use only best-in-class technologies and STILL they come with the creativity that defines us.

That means we will be there to support your team as you build your cloud solutions. Our products are robust, highly available, fully secure and value priced.

CloudJumper at a Glance

  • Run by industry veterans & thought leaders
  • Microsoft named "leading partner" in the deployment of Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Primary Solutions | Cloud Workspace®Management Suite & Cloud Workspace® for Azure
  • Gold Certified Microsoft Partner with numerous silver & gold certifications
  • Global footprint with 10’s of thousands of end users
  • Privately held as part of the Q-Comm family of companies
  • Financially independent & profitable

We Never Stop Exploring, Developing…Using Our Creativity to Build ONTO the Best.

There is still so much to explore and create for the cloud – so much. As the cloud continues to develop and mature, we will always be there.
Now, Windows Virtual Desktop.
When Microsoft announced its Windows Virtual Desktop, they included us as a “leading partner” for the solution. Our development and product teams have been working with Microsoft for more than 18 months in the development of this solution. We have never felt so honored to be part of a product development team, and we have been part of many across our history.
For us, that’s just natural!
We have been part of the cloud story for almost two decades, and during that time, we have worked with every major player in IT. No one understands the cloud as we do. And, that will never change that.