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The Core-4 | The Ideal Workspace as a Service Customer


By understanding what WaaS has to offer, you can ensure that you’re delivering it to the customers who need it most.  Workspace as a Service has so much to offer to so many.  But, who is the ideal customer?

We are often asked, “What’s the best vertical for your solutions?” “What industries do you typically target?”  First, as a channel-only company, we let our partners decide on verticals.  And, we can do that, as Cloud Workspace® supports just about every company in every industry.

We’ve been doing this for a long time.  Over all of that time, we keep coming back to our Core-4, the four prospect characteristics that so easily translate into a sale.  Each time we see them, we know the prospect will naturally become a customer. It’s just the perfect fit.

By now, we feel pretty confident we know what we’re doing.  In both FY 2016 and FY 2017, we doubled our revenue of our Workspace as a Service (WaaS) solution, Cloud Workspace®.  We project we will do it again this year?

If you are already a partner, or you’re looking to join the cloud land-grab, keep reading as we are going to share the Core-4.  By understanding the ideal WaaS customer, you will more easily grow your business in the cloud, and boost your sales, profits and the stickiness of your customer base.

The Core-4 Or What Makes An Ideal WaaS Customer?

When evaluating a prospective WaaS customer, use the following list of questions, which will help you zero in on the ideal cloud workspace customer.  If the prospect answers “yes’ to three of these four questions, then you have a winner:

  1. Will you require a server refresh within the next 18 months?
  2. Do you have employees that work remotely?
  3. Does your business have multiple locations?
  4. Do you have extensive security needs? (e.g. a small bank or finance company, an insurance agent, etc. – any company that stores sensitive information for clients that isn’t Amazon or some other huge company).

In all cases, Workspace as a Service meets these needs better than any other cloud or on-premise solution currently on the market.  Keep reading our Thursday blog as in a couple of weeks, we are going to take a deep dive into how our solution is uniquely positioned to cure these pain-points.

Of course, our Cloud Workspace® solution meets so many needs, and we have 1,000’s of happy customers who might not fully meet the Core-4.  Let’s consider some of the other traits you need to look for, whether you find the Core-4 or not.

Beyond the Core-4

You should also find out what specific IT challenges they’re currently dealing with that have led them to seek out a new IT solution. If they mention any of the following, it’s further proof that a WaaS cloud solution is right for them:

  • Multiple offices and a need for out of office access
  • Mixture of devices and operating systems (Windows, Mac, etc.)
  • Software application management & support
  • Struggling to support BYOD
  • Limited IT staff
  • IT budget (transitioning from Cap-Ex to Op-Ex)
  • Looking to streamline costs

Another key type of business to consider are those that are in transition or in a start-up phase. These types of companies generally have the following obstacles, which WaaS is perfectly suited to help them overcome:

  • Equipment lease or service contract expiring
  • Hardware refresh (aging servers and/or workstations)
  • Software refresh or new software
  • Rapid growth or downsizing
  • Seasonal employees
  • Moving or opening offices or merger/acquisition activity
  • New leadership or new IT staff

Of course, once you’ve determined that WaaS is the right cloud workspace platform for your prospect, don’t forget to explain the many benefits that it has to offer them. CloudJumper’s Cloud Workspace® solution provides comprehensive advantages across the entire company, from the CEO and other executive members down to entry-level employees.

Benefitting the CEO. Those at the top of the food chain need to be able to make company-wide improvements to efficiency, productivity and more – that’s exactly what our WaaS solution offers:

  • Mobilization of the client’s workforce with comprehensively supported and securely protected Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) capability
  • Stress-free IT with full management of the WaaS solution thanks to our knowledgeable team of engineers and service professionals
  • Easy and gapless connection of any and all offices a client may have through the cloud for convenient staff collaboration

Benefitting the Staffer.  At the other end of the company hierarchy is the end-user, who is likely no less busy than the executives running the business. Balancing professional pursuits and personal passions makes for a busy day, so it’s important to save time and simplify tasks wherever possible.

Our WaaS platform allows end-users to finish any vital work at home after dinner, keeping an eye out for important emails during the breaks in their kid’s evening activities, or even getting some work done during a long drive to the cottage.

Just a few of the benefits offered by the cloud include:

  • Easy access to their work, email and data through any configured device, allowing them to work on the go as need be
  • Off-line file sync allows users to get work done while away from the office, and immediately update any online files as soon as they’re back
  • Improved ability to connect and collaborate with coworkers

There is so much to Cloud Workspace®.  But when you start with the Core-4, you will supporting your customers in a way that no other IT solution can touch.

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