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Cost Savings with Hibernate and Wake and Azure Reservations … Or, Don’t Let Your Users Be Like Tony


It’s 4:30am, and Tony has one hour to finalize his quarterly presentation to the Board of Directors before he leaves for the airport. He downs a cup or two of coffee, powers up his machine to log into the virtual workspace, and WHAT? He’s locked out. How could this happen? Well, since running a VDI 24×7 can get expensive, Tony’s company schedules the environment to power down overnight. He’s out of luck and by the time the system’s back online, he’ll be out of time.

It’s not hard to imagine a situation like this. But if Tony’s company managed their workspace with CloudJumper’s Cloud Workspace Management Suite (CWMS), he would have been able to log in with no issues. That’s because our patented “hibernate and wake” technology provides access, even during unscheduled times.

CWMS is always on, even when it’s not.
CWMS’s hibernate and wake allows admins to configure users so that when they log on to their virtual workspace in the wee hours of the morning to finish that board presentation, the system automatically powers up and lets them in. Then, when they log out, the system powers back down until the scheduled wake time, saving money and resources. This strategy can typically reduce compute costs by about 65% and we’re the only cloud workspace provider with this technology. Without hibernate and wake, you either lock users out, or pay a high cost to run your environment 24×7 just in case someone needs to pull a late night.

Learn more about hibernate and wake in these videos: workload scheduling (the “hibernate”) and wake on demand (the “wake”). To calculate your savings, visit the Cloud Workspace Cost Estimator.

Azure Reservations: The Cost-Savings Compliment to Hibernate and Wake
Our hibernate and wake technology saves money on the resources that can be powered down, but what about the parts of the environment that have to stay running constantly? That’s where Azure reservations come in.

Azure reservations offer savings to customers who reserve resources for their virtual machines or other Azure services in advance. The visibility into the future this provides Microsoft allows them to run more efficiently, and they return the favor by providing significant discounts – up to 45%. Until recently, though, companies had to pay up front for their reservations in 1 or 3 year terms, which is a hard pill to swallow for many small companies and MSPs.

But a few days ago, Microsoft announced the introduction of monthly payment options.

Now companies can take advantage of the savings that reserving Azure resources in advance provides, while still maintaining the monthly payments that are easier to budget for. Payments are split evenly over the 1 or 3 year term agreement – there are no extra fees and you pay the same amount over time that you’d pay up front.

Hibernate & Wake + Reservations = the Best of Both Worlds

Hibernate and Wake technology saves more than Reserved Instances without a term commitment when VMs can be powered down. And now Microsoft’s new pricing structure opens up additional savings to the machines that need to run 24×7. Together, Microsoft and CloudJumper optimize infrastructure spend, saving you much more than either strategy alone. It’s the best of both worlds – and something our competitors can’t provide.

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