Cloud Workspace® Management Suite

A Super-Simple SaaS Solution, Supporting Your VDI Deployments

Software for Deploying & Managing
Your VDI Deployments

A super-simple SaaS solution for managing all the technology layers of VDI deployments. Easily provision and manage your own Cloud Workspace solution, using the infrastructure, hypervisor and other technology investments you’ve already made. Cloud Workspace® Management Suite CWMS aggregates all the layers in your stack and gives you a centralized location to super simply oversee, manage and control every aspect of the entire life-cycle for your VDI deployments.


SaaS Management for Your
VDI Deployments

Our automation wizard makes deploying Cloud Workspaces in Azure, GCE and private clouds simple. The app is so easy to use, your front line staff can manage all your VDI deployments.
Fully Compatible
Supports all the layers in your stack, giving you a single portal to manage them.
Saves Money
Our customizable resource scheduling optimizes infrastructure spend.
Always On... Even When It's Not
Our patented “hibernate and wake” technology provides access, even during unscheduled times.
GPU Capable
CWMS can deliver high performance GPU machines at an affordable cost.