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DCO Partner

Congratulations on your designation as a Microsoft Data Center Optimization partner. Now that you’re moving to Azure, it’s time to leverage our super simple deployment and management solution for your cloud-centric RDS/VDI/DaaS/WaaS/WVD implementations.

As a Microsoft named “leading partner” for Windows Virtual Desktop, we are the best choice to help you roll out this industry-changing solution from Microsoft.

Cloud Workspace® for Azure

A super-simple SaaS solution for managing all the technology layers of RDS/VDI/DaaS/WaaS/WVD deployments.

Cloud Workspace for Azure aggregates all the layers in your stack and gives you a centralized location to super simply oversee, manage and control every aspect of the entire life-cycle for your cloud deployments. Learn More


Live Scaling

Workload Scheduling

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A Management Solution For Your RDS Deployments

  • SaaS Application

    Always updated and supported

  • Auto-Scaling Minimizes Your Costs

    Automatically dials up and down servers, saving you money

  • Automated Provisioning

    Complete wizard-driven deployment of new Azure tenants

  • Workload Scheduling

    Schedule servers to turn on and off based on the work day

  • Wake-On-Demand

    Patented “hibernate and wake” technology provides access, even when VMs are powered off

  • Simple Script Triggering Engine

    Automate tasks using PowerShell, Choco or other languages, and use SSTE to easily trigger and deploy them. Patented “hibernate and wake” technology provides access, even when VMs are powered off

  • Single Pane-Of-Glass Visibility & Management

    Manage your entire customer base with one simple-to-use portal

  • Integrated MFA

    For those who need an additional level of security


Windows Virtual Desktop

Future proof your RDS/VDI/DaaS/WaaS/WVD deployments by leveraging Cloud Workspace in Azure now then convert to WVD when you’re ready. As a Microsoft named “Leading Partner” in WVD, CloudJumper will fully support WVD with seamless conversion options.

What Is WVD?

It’s the best virtual desktop experience, delivered on Azure. It provides end users the only full multi-user Windows 10 Enterprise experience in the cloud that’s optimized for Microsoft 365.


Born In The Cloud For The Cloud

Almost 20 years ago, we were born in the cloud – meaning all of our solutions were built for the cloud in the cloud…no retrofitting of any legacy software or the hassles that come with that choice!

Special Offer Exclusively

For DCO Partners

100 free Cloud Workspace Management Suite for Azure licenses + 50% off additional licenses for the duration of the DCO program*.


*Offer valid for up to 1 year.

CloudJumper has a special remote work solution offer in response to COVID-19 (coronavirus).

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