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Don’t Fret the Rabbit: We Have You Covered


There’s a big bad rabbit over Europe, but even if it comes to the United States, all CloudJumper partners and end customers can breathe a sigh of relief! We have you covered! 

The virus, called Bad Rabbit, is thought to be a variant of Petya, a strain of malware that was making the rounds last summer and targeting large businesses, electricity suppliers and government agencies.

According to ZDNet, once Bad Rabbit infects a system, it directs people to a page where they are told to pay a ransom of 0.05 bitcoin ($277.00) to recover their files. Victims are given 41 hours to make a payment. After that, the ransom rises.

What aids Bad Rabbit’s ability to spread is using a simple username and password combination, which it then exploits to brute-force its way across the network. The weak passwords are generally considered to be made up of obvious number-letter combinations.  Click here for tips for building good passwords.

CloudJumper systems are naturally immune to Bad Rabbit, as they were to Wanna Cry last spring.

The Cloud Workspace® WaaS platform keeps your apps, data, email and desktops safe, because:

  • It does not allow end users to have admin access
  • Even if an admin triggers this, the attack uses known malware code that has been proactively blocked by CloudJumper’s anti-virus systems

This is just one of the many benefits that our Workspace as a Service solution offers MSPs like you. You and your clients never have to worry about whether a patch has been applied to a major vulnerability like this one. You get real peace of mind, even in the face of more and more ransomware attacks.

If you are concerned about Bad Rabbit, Wanna Cry, or viruses and malware generally, you should consider a move to CloudJumper’s WaaS Solution.  Unlike most Desktop as a Service solutions, our Cloud Workspace® offering comes complete with the best anti-virus and backup solutions.

Reach out to the CloudJumper team today at or (844) 645-6789 to learn more about how our WaaS solution will protect your customers. Follow us on social media: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

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