Learn How to Eliminate IT Projects and Grow Your Monthly Recurring Revenue

Max Pruger

Isn’t it about time to begin defocusing your business on cumbersome IT projects and refocusing it on building your business in the cloud?

We get it, the fun of your job is the tinkering around with IT systems for your customers. But, guess what? Businesses hate IT projects! They’re stressful and cause so much upheaval. Why mess with them when the cloud will bring you so much more profit in the long run?

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Remember, every second you spend on the minutia of infrastructure management, app deployment and security upgrades, is time you aren’t focused on developing your business: growing revenue, building exceptional customer service and assessing other strategic solutions to incorporate into your business.

If you’re worried that fewer IT projects will mean less profit, allow me to share with you how it will actually lead to an increase in reliable recurring revenue.

Let’s start at the beginning and discuss common IT challenges.

Are any of your clients facing these issues:

  • Needing to upgrade or overhaul servers
  • Struggling to maintain software applications
  • Difficulty accessing data and apps away from the office
  • High cost to achieve hardware standardization

If your clients are facing these or similar issues, you could dedicate many hours of your time toward helping them put complex solutions into place. Or you could move your clients to the to a robust cloud solution backed by a trusted cloud partner who will manage your customers’ infrastructure, storage, apps, backups, AV and more – all behind the scenes, all on your behalf.

At CloudJumper, our WaaS solution, nWorkSpace provides you an easy, turnkey solution to begin bringing your customers into the cloud very quickly.

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You’ll find with our disruptive pricing and highly supportive team, it’s so easy to build a quality solution with great margins. And, we sell exclusively through the channel.

For your customers, nWorkSpace simplifies IT management by offering:

  • Fully managed cloud desktops that include anywhere access to every employee’s apps, email and data
  • A managed, locked-down desktop with threat management and anti-virus
  • Support for BYOD: it works from any device
  • A consistent user experience as all staff members use the same variation of MS Windows and Office
  • Easy management of the IT network – end users, servers and apps – via nWorkSpace’s provisioning tool

nWorkSpace also:

  • Stores all data and apps in our state-of-the-art, SSAE 16 certified Tier IV data centers
  • Supports disaster recovery plans
  • Backs up all data on daily, weekly and customized intervals
  • Includes built-in protection from network hacking and viruses

nWorkSpace is offered on a monthly subscription basis and sold exclusively through channel partners. That means moving your clients to the cloud via nWorkSpace will deliver monthly recurring revenue that you can count on.

Additionally, because the CloudJumper team manages the IT infrastructure for nWorkSpace, the time you used to spend on IT projects can now be spent on growing your business. That’s a win for you, and win for your customers when you get to tell them they’ll never have to deploy another server…ever again!

Signing up to partner with CloudJumper on nWorkSpace is easy and free. Contact us today to start a conversation!

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