WIIFM: How the cloud changes the way that employees think about their work life.

Max Pruger

While still a relatively new feature of networked computing, the cloud is quickly becoming a facet of many successful small business operations, and not only because it benefits the bottom line. The truth is that the cloud has so much to offer you as an end user.

You’ve no doubt got a busy life. Between work and home, your family and your hobbies, you’ve clearly got a lot to handle on a given day. Did you know that the cloud can make your work more convenient and mobile, helping to simplify your work-life balance? Just a few of the benefits offered by the cloud include:

  • Easy access to your work, email and data through any configured device, allowing you to work on the go as need be.
  • Off-line file sync allows you to get work done while away from the office, and immediately update your online files as soon as you’re back.
  • Improved ability to connect and collaborate with your coworkers, whether they’re working remotely or you are.

The cloud will free you from the confines of your desk at work! Imagine being able to finish any vital work at home after dinner, or keep an eye out for an important email during the breaks in your kid’s soccer game, or log a few hours while you wait for the weather to clear on vacation. All that and more becomes a reality just as soon as you move to the cloud.

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