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End Customer Benefits Abound!


In our CloudJumper blog, we devote a lot of time talking about how we benefit our partners: our great solutions — Cloud Workspace & Cloud Workspace Management Suite — for building your MSP business; and our long-term experience in the industry and that we fully share our knowledge to your benefit; not to mention the great opportunity to help you help your End Customers feel totally secure, in case anything ever goes wrong.

But, What About the End Customer? We’ve Got Them Covered too!

In this article from CIOReview, the writer goes through the benefits of the cloud, calling it “the optimal technology for business.” Yeah, we are more than on board with that notion, and we also fully agree with the points they bring out as to why! So, here is our twist for Workspace as a Service:

Increased Collaboration | More and more companies are operating just as we do at CloudJumper, where I often joke that our headquarters are in the cloud! While our support teams are all centrally located in the Research Triangle in NC, the rest of us work from home offices across the US. That puts an extra challenge on us, how do we all stay connected? Of course, we use a number of 3rd party apps to stay connected for meetings and more, but when it comes to true collaboration, it’s all about Office 365 for us! We use OneDrive to share everything and connect across teams and with management. So much better than emailing 23 versions. Which was the right one again? HA never again!

Ability to Access from Anywhere | Somewhat of a corollary to the last, but only slightly. I just have to put this out there! I have been using some version of our WaaS solution since the year 2000! As an end user, there are few people who have been working in a cloud environment longer than me. The two things I fear about retirement are losing my Adobe Cloud subscription and not having access to our environment!

Okay, so this is a personal story, but it highlights the value of the cloud: try this with your average on-prem solution! I needed to bring my dad an Excel spreadsheet I was working on for him – at 90, you don’t email, you give him a print out! Well, half way to his house, I realized I’d forgotten one of the docs! No worries, I got on his computer, logged in using an HTML browser and got immediate access to my desktop! It took me longer to turn on his computer than it did to get that document spitting out of his computer! Without CloudJumper, I would have wasted a ton of time!

Enhances Data Security | Simply, yes! For our development team, cyber security is job 1! They work incredibly hard to ensures our solutions are inherently secure. Ask them what keeps them up at night, and they will tell you answering the question: what’s coming down the path in a year and how do we solve that now? They never rest on what we have today…they never will! Remember Wanna Cry and Bad Rabbit? We do, as total none events!

Flexibility | Oh do I want to talk about how we can help our partners get into the cloud how its best for their business…but not this week! Today, we’re talking about the End Customer! The Cloud is as flexible as the End Customer needs it to be!
• Need more storage? 30 seconds later, it’s done!
• Need even more security? Just add optional Multi-Factor Authentication!
• Need special end user control functionality? We’ve got you covered!

Better Document Control | We have already answered this question above, yes, it’s true! Instead, let’s talk End Customer control. It means having a portal where the End Customer admin can (de-)provision their users, add storage and more.

Better control also means scheduling resources to automatically cycle up and down based on the business’s work hours, while NOT taking away their flexibility to access the network 24-7, during just-in-case times. Our patented hibernate & wake technology that we couple with resource scheduling gives you and your End Customers complete control.

Greater Integration | I know, right now, you’re thinking hybrid clouds. Yes, of course! But, let’s go past that! In 2019 and beyond, integration is all about Microsoft and how this incredibly important player is affecting the cloud! As a Microsoft proclaimed, “leading partner” in the development of their Windows Virtual Desktop solution (WVD), CloudJumper’s partnership with Microsoft allows your End Customers access to the best of Microsoft and Azure, and WVD when it’s available later this year!

Are you ready to bring your End Customers to the cloud? Ready to begin building a recurring revenue stream that can help spring-board your business into the stratosphere? It’s time to partner with CloudJumper! or (844) 645-6789. Follow us on social media: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn.

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