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End Times (for Win7) are Coming…How Are You Going to Prepare Your Clients?


According to conservative estimates, 30-40% of devices managed by MSPs will be end-of-life come January 14, when Microsoft stops supporting Windows 7. That’s only three months away!

After that, no more security patches and updates – no help unless you pay for expensive fee-based support. This means that in industries like healthcare and financial services, systems will automatically be non-compliant. Further, there’s a general consensus in the MSP community that bad actors have been identifying weak points in Windows 7, keeping them in their back pockets and under Microsoft’s radar so that on Day 1, they can take advantage when the security patches stop coming. Now is the time to act!

So what’s the solution? You can instruct your clients to spend tens of thousands of dollars to upgrade hardware and servers and purchase new Windows 10 licenses. Oh, and don’t forget all the legacy applications that may not be compatible. We don’t think so! There is an easier way!

Just Press the Easy Button. Implement Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), managed by Cloud Workspace Management Suite. By moving into WVD powered by Azure, your clients can:

• Continue to be safe, secure and compliant with the technology investments they’ve already made, without upgrading all existing premise-based hardware. You’ll be giving them a secure and robust environment with all the strength of Microsoft behind it. Azure has more security and compliance features in place than an MSP could ever implement by themselves.

• Make the transition to Windows 10 on their own timeline, since Microsoft will provide WVD customers with an additional 3 years of support for Windows 7 and Server 2008.

• Access their Windows desktop on any device – all they need is a connection to the internet. This means that laptops and desktops essentially become a monitor to view the cloud, so hardware doesn’t need to be upgraded every few years. And, they won’t have to update on-prem server infrastructures or EUC environments. All that hardware is now irrelevant – sell it on eBay! Sell it for the copper! Turn that data center into one of those new co-working spaces with cool couches and a fancy espresso machine.

• Have access to the full Windows 10 experience. CloudJumper is a WVD-native solution, which are the only VDI solutions that can offer this; non-native WVD technology can give a “Windows 10-like” experience. You can trust that as a preferred Microsoft partner, CloudJumper is the real deal.

If you haven’t explored WVD, don’t worry – we can help! It’s what we’re here for. CloudJumper’s solution makes implementing WVD quick, easy and painless. Our Cloud Workspace Management Suite (CWMS) manages the entire WVD environment for you, and that automation allows your frontline staff to oversee your client’s deployments without the extensive training you’d think would be necessary for all the technology layers and software. But don’t take my word for it! We’re offering a [free trial] of CWMS so you can take WVD out for a test drive. That’s how confident we are in our solution.

[View our interface in this Youtube video.]

But perhaps most importantly, you can serve more customers with your existing staff. Hiring and retaining talented, skilled staff is one of the biggest challenges any MSP faces. But with the automation that only WVD and CWMS provide, your staff can manage 3-5 times more customers. Application patches and upgrades are done on a single host, rather than each individual user’s machine, reducing staff hours. With WVD and CWMS, you’re offloading infrastructure support – you won’t have to manage a ton of resources. You won’t have all this stuff to deploy. You can grow your top-line while also growing your bottom-line.

I really believe that more MSPs can run successful Azure practices. Most are aware that it’s out there of course, but they haven’t taken the time to understand that it truly is a viable small business opportunity. It’s not just an enterprise venture. The cloud is not something to be afraid of. Azure and WVD won’t take your business away – quite the opposite in fact; it will increase your profitability. And CloudJumper can take you there – we can educate you and help you educate your customers on the benefits and ease of implementing WVD. Don’t take my word for it, read what Steve Burke wrote in CRN magazine today.

WVD went GA last week, but there’s still time. With CloudJumper’s solution, implementing WVD is quick, easy and simple, and allows your clients to avoid the huge expense of an old-school forklift upgrade. Avoiding expenses makes your clients happy, and happy clients are good for your business.

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