CloudJumper is your best alternative to the industry VDI and RDS giants, like Citrix. Deploy on any cloud with support for complex hybrid scenarios.

VDI and RDS for Any Cloud

Desktop and Application Virtualization for any cloud. We support Microsoft Azure, Google, AWS and regional cloud providers.

Drastically simplified deployment process

Deploy 10, 1,000 or 10,000 unified workspace desktop VMs in a few simple clicks via CloudJumper’s familiar web U.I.


CloudJumper’s exclusive Scripted Events Engine can reuse existing automation scripts from Puppet, Chef, Chocolaty or PowerShell as well as integrate with other value-add WVD software application partners to provide unique solutions as well as backwards compatibility.

Continuous Optimization

CloudJumper continually monitors and optimizes your VMs with exclusive algorithms for live-scaling, workload scheduling, wake-on-demand using our simplified web U.I.

No Long-term Vendor Lock-in

Simple, transparent licensing for customers who want out of their legacy on-premises legacy contracts and heavy-handed legacy vendor lock-in licensing.

Strategic Partnerships & Alliances

Integrated solutions with Microsoft, VMware, Google, AWS, US Signal, IGEL, NetApp, NVIDIA, Intuit, Pax8, Crayon and more.

CloudJumper has a special remote work solution offer in response to COVID-19 (coronavirus).

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