Financial: What we do is costly.

JD Helms

In order to provide our industry-leading Workspace as a Service (WaaS) solution, nWorkSpace, we have to budget for a range of ongoing costs. We pride ourselves on offering disruptive pricing and unbeatable margins for our partners, but to make that possible, we have to manage the many upfront and ongoing expenses that come with developing and providing nWorkSpace.


Just think about what it costs to offer nWorkSpace…

  • UPFRONT INVESTMENT | Before you can even start selling your WaaS solution, you have to be able to afford significant fixed costs, the largest by far being the infrastructure needed to deploy a solution like this. This isn’t just software that’s bought and installed; every client needs their dedicated server. As a starting point, that’s a major upfront cost...
  • EXPENSIVE DEPLOYMENT | Once you have the infrastructure, then you have to deal with the cost of deploying systems and software to clients, which means paying for the authorization to host major software brand names like Microsoft Office 365, Quickbooks, etc. In fact, we offer more than 2200 separate apps, each of which comes with its cost. Everything has a price…
  • COSTLY EXPERTISE | You’ll also have to hire and manage a staff of engineers that are experts with VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft, at the very least. Engineers with these skill sets don’t come cheaply...


In the 16 years that we’ve been developing and perfecting nWorkSpace, we’ve grown a massive network of partners, vendors, clients and industry contacts that give us the size needed to make our investment worth it. When we invest in infrastructure and software, it’s on behalf of thousands of end users, not just a few dozen from one client – that’s how we get the most significant discounts.

Put simply, we’ve got the economy of scale on our side for infrastructure and software that smaller providers just can’t measure up to.

Work with a WaaS provider that has the size needed to pass savings on to your MSP – choose CloudJumper right away: or (844) 645-6789. Follow us on social media: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn.

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