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It’s time to start testing Windows Virtual Desktop.

Cloud Workspace Management Suite (CWMS 5.3) is the EASY button for WVD! AND RIGHT NOW, it’s FREE!

Now that Microsoft WVD is live you can plan, deploy, and test your workloads using CWMS 5.3 – and your CWMS licenses are FREE until January 2020. We won’t even ask you for a credit card to get started!

This is a perfect opportunity for a WVD pilot or POC project too and CWMS 5.3 simplifies the entire process! Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop is the future of EUC in the cloud. CloudJumper makes it easier to deploy and manage while saving you time and money, and right now IT’S FREE.

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CWMS: It’s the Easiest Way to Deploy & Manage
Windows Virtual Desktop Deployments

Easily provision and manage your own Cloud Workspace solution, using the infrastructure, hypervisor and other technology investments you’ve already made.

Our automation wizard makes deploying Cloud Workspaces in Azure, GCE and private clouds simple. The app is so easy to use, your frontline staff can manage all your VDI deployments.
Fully Compatible
Supports all the layers in your stack, giving you a single portal to manage them.
Saves Money
Our customizable resource scheduling optimizes infrastructure spend.
Always On... Even When It's Not
Our patented “hibernate and wake” technology provides access, even during unscheduled times.
GPU Capable
CWMS can deliver high performance GPU machines at an affordable cost.

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