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my.CloudJumper – Bringing Your Customers To A Fully Managed Cloud Workspace Has Never Been Simpler


The my.CloudJumper Partner Portal makes it easier than ever to move your customers into their new cloud workspace.

Everyone knows how great the cloud is – it can increase staff productivity and mobility, cut unnecessary costs, provide valuable analytics and more. However, if it’s so great, why have so many people hesitated to make the change to a cloud workspace?

It all comes down to doing the work. Regardless of how much moving to the cloud can offer your customers, it’s not that simple or easy. Even with a big name like Amazon Web Services, you’re left trying to port your entire IT system into it, which is no small feat.

Allow CloudJumper to help.

We’ve developed our one-of-a-kind Partner Portal, my.CloudJumper for Managed Services Providers (MSPs) like you. This industry-leading solution is designed to support you as you build your customers’ businesses in their new cloud workspace from beginning to end, with a flexible, tailored experience that can be scaled to suit your needs as an MSP.

The key difference between our cloud partner portal and a majority of the alternatives offered by competitors is that it isn’t just a standard Help Desk and information reference solution. Nine times out of ten, a partner portal is just a fancy way to start a ticket for some problem you’ve encountered, and it may also host some basic text information about the product.

With my.Cloudjumper, you get so much more – it’s a fully tooled management and sales solution, providing insight and control into your customers’ cloud workspaces. my.CloudJumper provides you with complete visibility into your respective client accounts, with a range of vital features, including:

  • Quoting: This prospect quoting tool provides lead registration and a clear process for developing an accurate quote for a potential new customer after answering just 5 simple questions.
  • Billing and Finance: The tool offers detailed and simple invoice information and detailed, robust billing information, available for download as need be.
  • Comprehensive Support: This portal allows you to log and track support tickets as we address them from the CloudJumper end.
  • Dashboard: The my.Cloudjumper portal offers viewers a snapshot of customer accounts, providing you with the level of detail needed to assess and solve the end-user’s concerns. When necessary, the portal also provides in-depth visibility into servers (last reboot, usage history, storage levels, etc.), OS, CPU, RAM, end=user login history, and more.

my.CloudJumper is the foundation for our comprehensive Customer Management Module, which allows you to both attract new customers and manage the ones you already have. The real significance here is that we can now offer the first truly ground-to-cloud solution to our partners, making the future cloud workspace migrations they perform a simple task, instead of a long, arduous process.

A key feature of the Customer Management Module is JumpStart, a fully automated customer migration application that has been designed from the ground up to transition new customers to our Workspace as a Service (WaaS) solution, Cloud Workspace®, by scanning the customer’s IT environment, mirroring their landscape data, and provisioning new WaaS account. This is the ultimate tool for seamless customer cloud workspace onboarding – including the seeding of data and network mirroring – that completes the process in hours and not weeks. Additional features include:

  • Core-to-edge environmental scan of the new WaaS customer IT environment to identify applications and quantify data requirements for the cloud-based workspace
  • Employee-specific application and data set uploads to replicate the traditional desktop environment
  • Ability to upload client computing content into the CloudJumper portal, allowing partners to optimize user nodes remotely
  • Replication of security permissions from the physical IT environment to the WaaS infrastructure to ensure data privacy, and compliance
  • Thorough automation of all processes for seamless cloud workspace onboarding that requires only hours instead of days or weeks

In addition to everything that JumpStart offers partners, the full Customer Management Module will allow you to do the following:

  • Complete end-customer account management with the ability to add, update or disable employee accounts
  • Manage and control our 2,200+ cloud applications
  • Maintain comprehensive administrative control of end-customer server infrastructure
  • Access folder control over groups and manage the entire folder framework for end customers
  • Integrate with the rest of the my.CloudJumper portal that also allows MSPs to create quotes, monitor service tickets, and review, assess and pay invoices

Don’t forget – the Customer Management Module and JumpStart are both in addition to our unbeatable WaaS solution, Cloud Workspace®, a highly scalable cloud workspace that allows our valued partners to expand or contract services based on the specific needs and goals of their end users. When you combine these powerful and robust solutions, you get an industry-leading cloud suite, offering numerous benefits to our partners and their end-users right from the very start.

The best part? my.CloudJumper is FREE to our partners. Learn more about the my.CloudJumper Partner Portal by getting in touch with us right away at or (844) 645-6789. Follow us on social media: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn.

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