Guest Blogger, Chris Wiser: Facebook and Facebook Ads will NEVER work for an MSP

Chris Wiser

Editor’s Note: Chris Wiser is our guest blogger this week.  Chris Wiser is the Founder & CEO – The Wiser Agency, a marketing agency that focuses on Facebook advertising and business coaching and consulting.

I have heard this statement time and time again from every MSP Owner and CEO under the sun these days.

Well I am here to tell you straight out that with a little planning, process and hard work you can ABSOLUTELY make Facebook pages, groups and ads work for your IT business.

Here are a few tips to get you rolling…

Make sure you don’t ‘overdo’ your Facebook Business Page. Keep it simple with not too many page links – and focus on your specialty or niche if you can. People get VERY distracted VERY quickly these days – so keep it clean and keep it clear.

Use your personal page to drive engagement with your expertise. I do this ALL the time to get people into my mailing list and webinars. One thing people don’t realize is that ‘selling a service’ on your personal page is actually against the Facebook TO’s – so be careful to ALWAYS educate and entertain ‘EduTain’ as I like to call it.

Get yourself going on a Facebook group! This is so easy to do an ABSOLUTELY mission critical for today’s local business. Don’t go calling your group ‘NAME OF YOUR IT FIRM’ but instead focus the name on the RESULT that you give your ideal client. For example – ‘Austin Business CyberSecurity Secrets’ – look how this drives toward business owners AND CyberSecurity. You can also use your Niche or specialties to drive specific verticals. You can also have multiple groups to cater to different verticals – just realize you need to have systems setup to make this all run smoothly. I have a team of VAs that handle this almost all for me. Give it time and attention, and this will grow like crazy over 6-9 months.

Finally make SURE you are getting on Facebook Live and using Facebook ads to drive engagement to your videos. Start by joining my 100% free 30 Day Facebook Live Challenge ( and follow all of the steps including 30 days of Live Videos – and then continuing to run ads to feature your videos to your audiences. You will see THOUSANDS of people engage with your content, and will establish you as an expert in your field and local area.

If you follow these steps, systems and processes, it WILL turn into Facebook leads for your MSP!

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