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How We Handled The Wanna Cry Attack So Our Partners Didn’t Have To


When the Wanna Cry ransomware epidemic hit the world late last week, MSPs everywhere sprang into action. Attempting damage control, checking backups, trying to limit the spread…but here at CloudJumper? We just had to double check that we had properly installed the right patch released back in March – and we did. Problem solved.

OK, to be fair, Wanna Cry was certainly a concern for us and our many partners, but the process really was that simple. Wanna Cry struck on the evening of May 11th, encrypting the data of thousands of businesses in the UK (including the entirety of the National Health Service) and holding them to ransom. By the end of the weekend, Wanna Cry had infected thousands of networks in over 150 countries around the world.

Microsoft had released the necessary patch to protect users from malware like Wanna Cry a few months ago. As per our regular maintenance practices, we had patched the vulnerability back then, which meant that as thousands of organizations around the world reeled from the attack, each and every one of our MSP partners and their many end users were 100% protected long before it even started. In fact, our only task was to verify that the patch had been applied, which was over and done with before Wanna Cry even made it stateside.

This is just one of the many benefits that our Workspace as a Service solution offers MSPs like you. You and your clients never have to worry about whether a patch has been applied to a major vulnerability like this one. You get real peace of mind, even in the face of the biggest ransomware incident ever.

Think of it this way: despite what many people assume, hardware only accounts for around 20% of IT support. The other 80% is entirely maintenance. Patching and updating software, supporting hardware and infrastructure, etc. By partnering with CloudJumper you outsource all of that to our team of expert engineers, who work around the clock to keep everything maintained, operational and secure.

In the end, the real value in partnering with us is that you don’t have to worry, and neither do your clients. The fact is that this isn’t the only time ransomware is going to strike at this large of a scale – when it happens again, and you get panicked calls from your end-users, wouldn’t you like to tell them they have nothing to worry about?

With CloudJumper, you can.

Reach out to the CloudJumper team today at or (844) 645-6789 to learn more about our WaaS solution and the work our team will handle for you and your customers. Follow us on social media: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn





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