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Have The Cloud Conversation with Your End Customers…TODAY


It’s Time to Come to the Cloud, we know it, Microsoft knows it, the average 6th grader knows it…and you know it too! Of course, the statistics back up this statement! Check out our blog from last week covering a recent report on cloud computing by IDG!

Okay, there is still the very legitimate question you have, why should I start marketing Cloud Workspace? Why is it right for my business? OR…

The profit margin of our monthly recurring revenue solutions are very lucrative. Additionally, once you have a solution deployed in an end customer location, the on-going maintenance is easy and won’t heavily tax your support team.

And, your MSP is the right company to bring a Cloud Workspace solution to your SMB end customers. According to Bredin, an SMB market research and content marketing agency, 63% of SMBs want the help of a partner to provide knowledgeable advice on their business challenges. By positioning yourself as a Cloud Expert, you become more than a partner, you become your end customers’ trusted advisor.

How Do I Navigate the Cloud Conversation?
Your CloudJumper partner manager can really help you by both leading some conversations for you and by giving you some great training on how you can fly solo. In the meantime, know that this isn’t all that different from the conversations you have with your end customers about all of their IT.

1. Come with Empathy | The key is to start with empathy. Future sales depend on how you handle these conversations, so make sure you tend to their concerns and properly assess the issues they want to solve.
2. Listen & Learn | By fully understanding your customer’s pain points you can customize your presentation with solutions that address their issues head on, giving them answers rather than options.
3. Propose the Right Solution | A Cloud Workspace solution will completely change the end customer IT, but from a usage standpoint, it doesn’t require a huge change in end user behavior. How the solution acts and responds is very similar to existing on-prem deployments.
4. Focus on the Benefits | Present the benefits of Cloud Workspace by highlighting advantages such as increased access, productivity, flexibility and most importantly security. The cloud can sound scary to someone who hasn’t used it before so show them what it can do first, then tell them what it is. A good demo is always a great way to show the value of Cloud Workspace®.
5. Close with Facts | Addressing your customer’s concerns empathetically. Once you’ve made your customer feels heard, educate them on the advantages of migrating and reiterate that Cloud Workspace is secure and here to stay.

What Objections Will I Face?
Many SMBs have not migrated to a WaaS solution due to misperceptions around cost, security, loss of control and more. Below is a list of common SMB worries and how the cloud combats them.

Security | In a side by side comparison of Cloud Workspace vs the SMB’s current security measures, including backup & DR, we will always come out on top.
Loss of Control | Our customer portal keeps you always in control of your end customers’ IT environments. You can also choose to give them access to employee adds, deletes and changes. We can also lock down portions of the end customer’s systems to simply and securely control access to data.
Cost | This can be a complex conversation as there are many moving parts when it comes to cost, but compare both the soft and hard costs of maintaining IT systems on-prem, and Cloud Workspace will always come out more cost effective in the long run, while providing a better level of service.
Uptime | We have incredible redundancy across our network to ensure that we run nonstop, with contractually guaranteed 99.99% uptime.

Why Cloud? Why Now?
Cloud Workspace provides innovative ways SMBs can grow their business while staying nimble. Common SMB pain points such as decreased productivity, security threats and budget limitations can all be identified and solved with a WaaS solution.

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