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Okay, well, IDG didn’t specially say that directly *to* CloudJumper, but their latest report titled, “Cloud Computing Has Come of Age,” sure tells us that we are in the right place at the right time!

According to their report, “…organizations continue to increase their investment and evolve their cloud environments in order to leverage the technology to drive their business forward.” They also give us a list of great statistics:

  • 73% of businesses use at least one app or have a portion of their computing infrastructure in the cloud. And, another 17% plan to follow suit in the next year
  • Across all business sizes, cloud budgets are up
  • 38% say their IT department “feels pressure” to move 100% to the cloud
  • 42% are using a multi-cloud approach
  • While currently the average environment is 53% non-cloud, that number will shrink to 31% in the next 18 months

Now, if only I could add in the sound of a screeching tire into our blog this week, because we would at that last statement, both parts of it! About 18 months ago, we published a white paper called, “The Workspace as a Service Land Grab.” Since we wrote that white paper, our partner network has skyrocketed. Our partner network will continue to grow, and we will be responsible for helping drive that number from 53% to 31%.

Will You Be With Us or Sitting on the Sideline? It’s pretty easy, if your MSP hasn’t found a cloud solution to offer, your window is getting smaller and smaller. Again, you don’t have to listen to us; instead, listen to IDG: in 18 months — That before Memorial Day of 2020 — only 31% of businesses WON’T BE deploying a cloud solution! Okay, so that’s still a lot of market left, but every day you don’t jump with both feet into the cloud, is a day your competitor is sewing up a company making up those 22 percentage points.  If you read our blog, you will know just how sticky cloud are!  So, if you haven’t done it yet, it might just be time for you to slam on the breaks and change the course of your MSP: its time to add either our turnkey Workspace as a Service or your own Desktop as a Service solution using our software!

And, why CloudJumper? We take so much pride in our company, and as a partner, you can expect the following from our cloud computing solutions:

  • Choice | Whether you want to use our turnkey Cloud Workspace®, WaaS solution or build your own Desktop as a Service solution using our software, Cloud Workspace® Management Suite, we have you covered with the most robust and best-built solutions available.
  • Great Prices, Great Value | Our team’s considerable experience in the cloud industry has allowed us to precisely value our service and platform for maximum cost-effectiveness, leaving a great margin for you as you bring your product to your customers.
  • The Best Technology | We are technology junkies so why would we ever incorporate anything but the best of the best into our solutions?
  • Sales, Engineering & Marketing Support | All of our partners get assigned a CloudJumper team whose sole responsibility is to make sure you succeed! And, over the next year, we will overhaul our entire training offering! Keep watching for some exciting developments there.
  • MSP Understanding | We know you, because we have been there! Our executive team members all have experience either running an MSP or working as a vendor to the industry.
  • It’s All About the Channel | We will never compete with you, promise! We are 100% channel, and built to stay that way.
IDG concludes their report by stating:

Organizations are no longer questioning whether they should move to the cloud. They’re now focusing squarely on how best to leverage the new generation of cloud services by adopting new delivery models and enabling multi-cloud architectures. And while their initial motivation for cloud migration may have been simplicity in pursuit of cost savings, companies are finding that their desire for greater agility is increasing the complexity of their cloud environments, with lasting ramifications for the way they staff their IT departments and manage their IT infrastructure.

We’ll end this week by reminding you that it isn’t too late! But, now is the time to get your MSP into the cloud, and we are here to help you succeed! Our partner network is 1000 members strong, and all you have to do is ask, and we will gladly give you references.

Let us put the cloud within reach for you? Get a hold of us 844.645.6789 or Connect with us on social media: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn.

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