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Frequently Asked Questions.

Who Is CloudJumper?

  • CloudJumper markets our Cloud Workspace®, WaaS (Workspace as a Service) solution exclusively through the channel, providing our Partners a turn-key cloud solution and the sales, engineering and marketing support you need to be successful.  CloudJumper supports our Partners with our industry-leading Partner portal layered over the IIT Cloud Workspace, allowing for high volume provisioning and fast on-boarding.
  • The Cloud Workspace® brings the workspace into the cloud, giving SMBs and mid-market enterprises access to their desktops, apps, email and data from all their devices – computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone – anywhere business may be conducted.  We keep our End Users’ networks safe as we backup all data and store it securely in our Tier III/IV data centers.
  • CloudJumper is run by a group of industry pioneers who helped create cloud computing from the earliest days of the millennium. CloudJumper built our WaaS model working with strategic partners such as Microsoft, Intuit, Google and others.


What Changes for You?

  • Effectively nothing!
    — The exact same technicians will be supporting your services | CloudJumper has hired the entire IndependenceIT support team, adding them to our existing customer engineering team
    — You will still use the same login URL and credentials to manage your Customers
    — Your Customers and End Users will still use the same username and password to access their cloud services
    — Your Partner contract remains the same
    — Your pricing will stay the exact same – the invoice will just come from CloudJumper


Is the Move from IndependenceIT to CloudJumper Complete?

  • Yes.  The one exception is, you may continue to get invoices for certain activity from IndependenceIT for several months as we integrate billing systems.  However, you will not be double invoiced for any item. Once the billing transition is complete all of your invoicing will originate with CloudJumper.


What Enhancements Does CloudJumper Offer?

  • CloudJumper is a Microsoft Shared Computer Activation Partner, meaning that Customers can bring existing Office 365 licensing to the cloud without paying for Office subscriptions
  • CloudJumper is one of very few Authorized Hosting Companies for QuickBooks and can offer subscription QuickBooks licensing
  • Our industry-leading Partner portal, my.CloudJumper, will be available for our new Partners in the near future. my.CloudJumper offers, amongst other things:
    Support Module
    — Open and close tickets
    — Gain insight into and interact with ticketsDashboard Module
    — View detailed info on your Customer base
    — CPU, RAM and storage consumption
    — User logon history

    Finance Module
    — On-demand access to billing information

    Quoting Module
    — Follow our simple 5-step process to create quotes
    — Register an opportunity with CloudJumper
    — Tweak and clone existing quotes


Do I Get A New Account Manager?

  • Yes, every CloudJumper partner is assigned a dedicated Account Manager. Over the next couple of weeks a CloudJumper Account Manager will reach out to make introductions. In the meantime, if you have any immediate sales questions, please call 844-645-6789 x1.


How Will You Handle Support?

  • Please begin using CloudJumper’s support as of January 2nd, 2017
  • CloudJumper’s support protocol can be found here
  • IndependenceIT will still be supporting Partners for a limited amount of time, but it will be beneficial to start using CloudJumper’s support as soon as possible


How Can I Reach CloudJumper?

  • Opening Support Tickets
    — Visit CloudJumper’s Support page
    — Call (844) 645 – 6789, Ext. 2
    — Email
  • Contacting Sales (for new deals or existing adds)
    — Call (844) 645 – 6789, Ext. 1 or email
  • Contacting Billing
    — Call (844) 645 – 6789, Ext. 3 or email
  • Other Methods: Click Here
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